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Looking for an Outdoors Skills Program or Activities to supplement your current program?  Look no further!

What is Explore Bowhunting?

Explore Bowhunting encompasses outdoor skills used not only to bowhunt, but for anyone seeking a better understanding of the natural world. Created by the Archery Trade Association (ATA), Explore Bowhunting hopes to connect students with the outdoors and enhance their encounters within. The 23 activity curriculum can be taught in a variety of in-school and after-school settings along with many other organizations such as 4-H, sportsmen’s clubs, scouts, and churches. Its flexible curriculum enables it to be a great fit for a variety of uses from week-long camps to one day events. Participants will be exposed to a variety of hands-on activities ranging from building blinds, wildlife tracking and Identification, wildlife scents and calls, camouflage, deer anatomy and ecology, wind direction and so much more! Be the one to get Explore Bowhunting started in your community today. 

Who Can Use Explore Bowhunting?

Explore Bowhunting is not limited to use within a specific age group.  Activities were created to target middle and high school youth (ages 11-17), but adults and younger students can benefit from the program as well.

Ex: In-school,  After-school, 4-H, Scouts, Parks, Churches, Community Centers, Sportsman’s clubs, etc.

How to Get Started

Equipment Kit

This kit is NOT a necessity to teach the program successfully.

An equipment kit is available for purchase (download the form here, complete and return) at a discounted rate for all instructors.  Cost is approximately $1600 and includes the following items.

Grant Opportunities (3D Targets and Student Handbooks)

All on a first-come, first-serve basis as funding is available and will be provided to programs that meet the necessary requirements.

Instructor Resources

The Next Step

Contact Information

For more information about Explore Bowhunting and archery in Kentucky, please contact:

Katie Haymes
Conservation Educator
Explore Bowhunting State Coordinator
502-564-3400 x 4587


Explore Bowhunting

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