Bear Hunters:  The 2014 archery/crossbow season for bears opens Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014.  All hunters must check the KDFWR homepage or call the Info Center at 1-800-858-1549 AFTER 9:00 PM each day of the season to learn if the black bear quota was met. Go here for info about checking bears

Bear Hunters: The quota for the 2014 archery/crossbow season for bears WAS NOT MET today.  Therefore, the bear season will remain open tomorrow.  For information about checking bears, click here.

 Group Photos

September 2014

BOW Group September 2014

September 2013

BOW Group Folder September 2013

September 2012

BOW Group Folder September 2012

September 2010

BOW September 2010

September 2009

BOW September 2009

January 2007 - Kenlake Workshop

BOW Group Photo January 2007

May 2007 - London Workshop

BOW Group Photo May 2007

September 2007 - Jabez Workshop

BOW Group Photo September 2007

November 2007 - Pine Mountain

BOW Group Photo November 2007

January 2008 Workshop

BOW Group Photo January 2008

April 2008 - Carter Caves

BOW Group Photo April 2008

September 2008 - Lake Cumberland

BOW Group Photo Lake Cumberland