Outdoors with the Commissioner

Commissioner Johnson loves to be outdoors and enjoys interacting with the employees and our sportsmen and women. Here are a few pictures that show the great memorable experiences the Commissioner experiences with folks while he is out in the state. 

Quail Forever
A historic day for Bobwhite Quail, as KY Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Johnson, in his capacity as Chairman of the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative, signs a cooperative partnership agreement with Quail Forever's Howard Vincent. This agreement will allow for cooperation and leveraging of resources to combine national efforts for Bobwhite Quail management. 

Lexington Boat Show
Me at the Lexington Boat Show with a few of our Marketing Staff
From left, Brenda Ward-Hill, Carrie Self, Michael Gray and myself

Lexington Boat Show
Another one from the Lexington Boat Show with
Zac Campbell and Josh Robinson from the Law Enforcement Divsion

Lexington Boat Show
Talking with customers at the Lexington Boat Show

Lexington Boat Show
Another one from the Lexington Boat Show

Division of Forestry
I am really proud of the folks from KFW who stepped up and volunteered to help our KY Division of Forestry friends fight the wild fires in east Kentucky.
Thanks crew!!


Deer hunt
A great family deer hunt as my daughter, Kendra, poses with her buck along with my grrandson Max.

Got after the Canada Geese over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Had a good set up.  First flock that came in, three shots, three geese - ended too fast!
Should be a great season for geese, time to take some youngsters out for their first goose hunt.


Commissioner Johnson at The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recently recognized the KY Fish & Wildlife Commission and the KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources for their contribution and commitment to the Wisconsin Elk Reintroduction effort. Pictured left to right are Frank Williams, Chairman of the KY Fish & Wildlife Commission; Kurt Thiede, Assistant Secretary for the WI Dept. of Natural Resources; and Gregory Johnson, Commissioner for the KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources.  Kentucky is paying it forward to WI by trapping and moving up to 150 Elk to WI to help their Elk reintroduction efforts. In return WI is providing financial and technical assistance to the KY Grouse Initiative for east KY.

Commissioner Johnson at Bluegrass Army Depot
Spent the day last Saturday at Bluegrass Army Depot. After years of cooperative conservation planning and wildlife management on the Depot, the first ever quail quota hunt was held with resounding success. Lots and lots of birds due to habitat management and hunters and dogs had a great quota hunt. Officials observing the hunt included from left to right Rusty Gailor - 3rd District KY F&W Commission Member, Colonel Norbert Fochs - Commander of the Bluegrass Army Depot, myself Gregory Johnson - Commissioner KFW, Jimmy Bevins - 6th District KY F&W Commission Member, and Don McKenzie - Executive Director for the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative.

Me with Ethen  Vest (center) and his brother, Revan Vest (far right), and the white catfish caught by Ethen at Guist Creek Lake. The fish weighed 5.25 pounds and pending certification, would be the new state record.

Rupp Arena Advertisement
I was at Rupp Arena this past Sunday for a preview of their new scoreboard and other technology improvements. They were hosting the event for their advertising sponsors. KFW advertises at the home basketball games. Among our advertising a visitor will experience, is this piece on the elevator door.