Bear Hunters: The quota for the 2015 bear season with dogs WAS NOT MET on Sat November 28.  Therefore, the bear season will remain open on Sun November 29.  For information about checking bears, click here.

Outdoors with the Commissioner

Commissioner Johnson loves to be outdoors and enjoys interacting with the employees and our sportsmen and women. Here are a few pictures that show the great memorable experiences the Commissioner experiences with folks while he is out in the state.

Commissioner Johnson at Kentucky Utilities
This past Saturday was a very memorable day for me as Commissioner. I got to spend part of the day at Kentucky Utilities Tyrone Power Plant grounds for a Wounded Warrior deer hunt. Kentucky Utilities, along with the Life Adventure Center, and KY Fish & Wildlife sponsored the hunt. 19 hunters harvested 53 deer, 12 antlered bucks of which 2 were 1.5, the rest 3.5 or older. Some of the hunters harvested their first deer, the look on their faces was priceless. I want to thank the following KF&W folks who helped out: Joe Lacefield, Zak Danks and Olivia Harmsen for help with hunters and the meat pole/check station, Richard Adkins and David Marques for running the range Friday for their rifle zeroing. Pictured from left to right are: Nathan Brooks (wounded warrior hunter), Jeff Fraley (Kentucky Utilites), Byron Marlowe (Life Adventure Center), Commissioner Johnson, Joe Lacefield (KF&W Biologist), and Henry Mare (wounded warrior hunter). What a great day!!

NBCI Fire Bird Award
I had the pleasure of presenting the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) Fire Bird Award to Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. Pictured left to right are Ben Leffew and Don Pelly of Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, myself (Commissioner Johnson), and KDFWR Small Game Specialists Ben Robinson and John Morgan. Currently, more than 1,000 acres of high quality bobwhite habitat has been established at Shaker Village and the quail have really responded. Shaker Village also hosted the national Coordinated Implementation Plan training for NBCI this past summer with over 14 states represented. The Fire Bird Conservation Award was presented to Shaker Village on behalf the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife - Congratulations to Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill!!!! A great partnership!!

I joined elk hunters this past weekend in east Kentucky
for opening weekend of Elk-Bull rifle season.
David Giles harvested this bull, possibly a new state record.
Congratulations David!!

Kentucky Houndsman State Champsionship at
Lloyd Wildlife Management Area bench show.
Great crowd and lots of fine looking hounds.
Congratulations on a great state championship!!

I attended the KY Wildlife Society Chapter meeting at Natural Bridge
and I was thoroughly impressed with the participation.
Very encouraging to see all the professionals that work on our Sportsmen's
behalf for wildlife conservation.  Receiving this year's
"Lauren Schaff Memorial Award" for outstanding lifetime wildlife conservation
service was Dr. Robert Frederick from Eastern Kentucky University.
He is pictured here with me and with Sara Ash of the
University of the Cumberlands and current KY Wildlife Society Chapter President.

Dr. Monte McGregor (right) and myself were on the Big South Fork of the
Cumberland River releasing some rare mussels propagated at our
Mussel Propagation Center at Forks of the Elkhorn in Frankfort, KY.
KFW is doing great mussel propagation work across the Commonwealth,
led by this center and Dr. McGregor.  Consider a visit sometime to
tour the facility, you will be amazed!

What a great day!  "I wandered down to our lake at Headquarters
and got cornered by some of our nation's finest.
These veterans from the Thomson-Hood Veterans Center in Wilmore, KY,
came by for a day of fun fishing and storytelling.
I really appreciated them sharing memories with me
about their military experience and their fish catching expertise.
Thanks guys for your service."

Commissioner Greg Johnson (second from left),
Deputy Commissioner Karen Waldrop (far left), and
marketing program manager Michael Gray (far right) met with
DoubleStar Corp executives (l-r) Jack Starnes, Jesse Starnes and Stacy Starnes
to discuss our important industry-agency partnership to foster hunters
and sport shooters.  Based in Winchester, Ky.,
DoubleStar manufactures and distributes modern sporting firearms,
parts and accessories. 

Great week visiting our Quail Focus Area in Livingston County, KY.
Our great partners, committed landowners and F&W folks working together on
a very successful project (and yes, quail were whistling in the background).
Left to right (facing camera):  Eddie Joiner (blue shirt/Partner Livingston Co.),
Jim Temple (Farm Manager), Michael Johnson (USFWS),
Tony Black (KF&W), Steve Beam (KF&W), Jim Woodyard (Local Landowner),
Harold Crouch (Landowner), and Commissioner Johnson.
Left to right (facing away):  Madeleine Pratt (KF&W), Wes McFadden (KF&W),
Pat Brandon (KF&W), Philip Sharp (KF&W)

Here are some of the catch trot lining at Lake Cumberland
on a recent fishing trip.  Some big flathead catfish. 
Trot lining is a great way to fish for catfish.
If youi have never tried it, give it a shot or find someone
that can show you how.  Don't forget to get your fishing
license and try our lakes and streams, and take someone with.


Well I finally got out in all this wet weather to fish Lake Cumberland. Great day of fishing with Big Al Stakelin and my son Ryan. Don't forget to get out and fish and take a friend, son, daughter, nephew, niece, for a memorable experience.