Outdoors with the Commissioner

Commissioner Johnson loves to be outdoors and enjoys interacting with the employees and our sportsmen and women. Here are a few pictures that show the great memorable experiences the Commissioner experiences with folks while he is out in the state.


Great week visiting our Quail Focus Area in Livingston County, KY.
Our great partners, committed landowners and F&W folks working together on
a very successful project (and yes, quail were whistling in the background).
Left to right (facing camera):  Eddie Joiner (blue shirt/Partner Livingston Co.),
Jim Temple (Farm Manager), Michael Johnson (USFWS),
Tony Black (KF&W), Steve Beam (KF&W), Jim Woodyard (Local Landowner),
Harold Crouch (Landowner), and Commissioner Johnson.
Left to right (facing away):  Madeleine Pratt (KF&W), Wes McFadden (KF&W),
Pat Brandon (KF&W), Philip Sharp (KF&W)

Here are some of the catch trot lining at Lake Cumberland
on a recent fishing trip.  Some big flathead catfish. 
Trot lining is a great way to fish for catfish.
If youi have never tried it, give it a shot or find someone
that can show you how.  Don't forget to get your fishing
license and try our lakes and streams, and take someone with.


Well I finally got out in all this wet weather to fish Lake Cumberland. Great day of fishing with Big Al Stakelin and my son Ryan. Don't forget to get out and fish and take a friend, son, daughter, nephew, niece, for a memorable experience.

I recently attended the 2015 Perry County Distinguished Citizens Award Dinner where our past Commissioner for the 7th District, Doug Hensley, received the award. Doug has a long history of giving back to his community and his State. Here he was showing off his boy scout uniform from his days with the scouts. Congratulations Doug!!

The rain finally stopped, so I got to walk down to our FIN (Fishing In Neighborhoods) lake at FW Headquarters and visited with this family from Frankfort busy catching fish. Pictured with me are Trinity and Braylin Manley and their dad Brandon Manley. They have a nice channel cat and liked the fish id posters I presented to them. And yes, they did pick out the right catfish off the poster that matched the one they caught. Don’t forget to take a child fishing, and visit our FIN lakes for great memorable moments.

This past Saturday I headed for Forks of the Elkhorn where our Mussel research facility is located. The heavy rains were flooding many of the buildings. As always your KFW staff are on top of things. Pictured is Mark “Slick” Roberts, a Foreman with our Transportation Section. He had been busy helping other staff move facility support equipment away from the flooding waters. Many thanks to all the staff that worked at this facility and our Frankfort Pfeiffer Fish Hatcher during the flooding this past weekend.

Pfeiffer Hatchery Director Steve Marple and Deputy Commissioner Charles Bush
at the hatchery discussing operations and current shipment of catfish
going out to the FIN lakes that day. 
Many thanks to Steve and his crew, and also to Dane Balsman (FIN Coordinator).

Crew at the Pfeiffer Hatchery in Frankfort weighing catfish for
shipment to FIN lakes.
Time to fish those FIN lakes, nice sized catfish this year.

Great day with hatchery crew at Pfeiffer Hatchery in Frankfort.
Here the crew is loading up 70 lbs. worth of catfish heading on their
journey to FIN lakes for our fishing public to enjoy.  A hard working
crew totally committed to their job.  Judging by smiles I saw on
the faces of fishermen later that day at the Department Headquarters FIN lakes,
the work of the hatchery crew is very much appreciated.

The three Forest Management/Grouse Initiative Public Meetings were huge successes!!
Held in Morehead, Paintsville, and Corbin, over 200 people attended to
enthusiastically voice their suggestions on a Forest Management/Grouse
Intitiative strategy for east Kentucky.  This picture is the group at
Tri County Quail Club in Corbin, KY.  Many thanks to that club,
and also the KY Grouse Hunters Assocation, for hosting these events!!
Next step is a draft strategic plan that will be shared for public comment.
Stay tuned...

Spent some informative time at the Liberty Nature Center in Somerset, KY.
Great effort in rehabbing raptors and other birds and animals plus the wildlife educational value
for volunteer students and surrounding schools. Pictured from left to right are
Major Larry Estes, KFW; Frances Carter, Director-Liberty Nature Center; Kinley Spencer, Volunteer;
Ben Gonzales, Volunteer; Anna Jacobs, Volunteer; Hunter Kinney, Volunteer;
Kinley Spears, Volunteer; James Ashley, Volunteer; Commish Johnson; Colonel Joe West, KFW.


Kinley Spencer, Volunteer at the Liberty Nature Center in Somerset, KY
displays an injured Screech Owl. Volunteer students take care of the wildlife residents
at the Center and in the process learn about the life history of the animals,
how to properly take care of the injured animals, and test career goals and aspirations. 
I recently visited the Center and was impressed with their mission and connection to the community.


Josh Lillpop (currently Wildlife Management Foreman at Taylorsville WMA)
is presented an award from Fifth District Federation of KY Sportsmen
President Chet Hayes.  Chet presented the award for Josh's work on
Lloyd WMA and in the surrounding area supporting activities of
Sportsmen's clubs.  Specifically for Josh's outstanding dedication 
and service to the Outdoor Community of Kentucky, and for
unwavering support for youth programs.
As Commissioner, I was very proud to be in attendance at this meeting
to see Josh get this award.  It is representative of all the great work all our
folks do across our Department working with our partners.
"Good job Josh and thanks for all you do" - Commissioner Johnson.