Outdoors with the Commissioner

Commissioner Johnson loves to be outdoors and enjoys interacting with the employees and our sportsmen and women. Here are a few pictures that show the great memorable experiences the Commissioner experiences with folks while he is out in the state.


I spent the day at our Otter Creek facility and what an outstanding place!
Charlie Logsdon does a great job keeping the place going.
In the picture are left to right, Kevin Brown (camp host), Charlie Logsdon,
Richard Lampson, and Becky Brown (camp host).
Many thanks to all of them for their team effort at Otter Creek.


I spent the day recently working with our all-star shocking crew on the tailwaters
of Lake Cumberland.  It took awhhile but they finally got me broke in. 
Pictured are Dave Dreves (Crew Chief), Jason McDowell, and John Williams.
I gained a deep appreciation for the hard work that goes into our fish sampling efforts.
Thanks guys!

I accepted an appreciation plaque on behalf
of the agency from Joe Shreaves, Director of the QDMA Military Youth Hunt
held at Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area in Meade County for its support.
There were 47 military dependent youth hunters who harvested an event record 41 deer.


Finally got to float Green River below Green River Lake on Labor Day for smallmouth.
What a gem of a free flowing river. Caught some nice smallmouth and red eyes.
Only flipped canoe once. Bite was on crawfish colored tube jigs. Many thanks to friends
Jeff Sole, Jim Aldrich, and Jackson Watts. Pictured are Jeff and Jackson as we pulled out of the river.
This trip should be on every serious fisherman's list.