Attention:  New this year - ​Before hunting migratory birds, hunters must now go online and fill out the Harvest Information Program survey.  More details

 Shooting Preserves

​General Information

A shooting preserve permit ($150.00) is required to operate a business in which animals are held or propagated in captivity and released to be taken by hunters.


Issuance Cycle

Annual renewal is required. 


Application Process

  1. Applicant would complete Shooting Preserve Permit Application.
  2. Local Conservation Officer visits property to ensure that all requirements are in place (see regulations below).
  3. Once Conservation Officer signs off, applicant would enclose payment of $150.00 to KDFWR and return to #1 Sportsman’s Lane Frankfort, KY 40601 attn: Shooting Preserve Permits. 


301 KAR 2:041. Shooting areas, dog training areas, commercial foxhound training enclosures, and bobwhite shoot-to-train season. 

Captive-reared bobwhite quail may be taken August 15 – April 15 on a shooting preserve.

An applicant for a shooting area shall provide documentation proving the applicant is the:

  • Owner of the land where the facility is to be located; or
  • Lessee of the land where the facility is to be located.
  1. The boundary of a shooting area shall be marked with signs:
    • At least eight (8) inches by twelve (12) inches;
    • Having a white background with contrasting letters at least one (1) inch high;
    • That read "Shooting Area"; and
    • Placed no more than 500 feet apart.
  2. A person shall check in at a designated check station or with the operator of a shooting area before hunting.
  3. A permit holder shall maintain a daily record of people using the area which includes each person’s:
    •  Name:
    • Address; and
    • Hunting license number.
  4. A permit holder shall:
    • Obtain a bill of sale or receipt for each purchase that contains the number of:
      • Game birds purchased; or
      • Game bird eggs purchased; and
    • Retain previous year’s records and receipts for at least one (1) full year.
  5. A permit holder shall possess a commercial captive wildlife permit, if applicable, pursuant to 301 KAR 2:081.
  6. A field trial may be held on a shooting area year-round.

The shooting area hunting seasons shall be as follows:

  • Bobwhite quail: August 15 through April 15;
  • Mallard ducks: year-round;
  • Hoofed animals: September 1 through May 15; and
  • All other species: the statewide season in effect where the shooting area is located.


  • A permit holder shall maintain a daily record of people using the area which includes each person’s:
    • Name;
    •  Address; and
    • Hunting license number.