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Beyond Bow One Day Adventure

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Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) is a workshop focused on the learning of outdoor skills – skills usually associated with hunting and fishing, but useful for many outdoor pursuits. Designed primarily for women, it is an opportunity for anyone 18 years of age or older, and is for you if…

  • You have never tried these activities, but have hoped for an opportunity to learn,
  • You are a beginner who hopes to improve your skills,
  • You know how to do some of these activities, but would like to try your hand at some new ones,
  • You are just looking for the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.








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The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is funded through the sale of hunting and fishing licenses and boat registrations. KDFWR receives no general fund tax dollars. KDFWR does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services and provides, upon request, reasonable accommodation including auxiliary aids and services necessary to afford individuals with disabilities and equal opportunity to participate in all programs and activities.



The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) sponsors this event in partnership with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Foundation



AM (9-11:30am)

Air Gun Fun, on the Range or in the Woods Eric Eisiminger (Limit 8)
Discover the world of air guns. They are fun to shoot for target practice and very capable of small game hunting. Learn the secrets that make air guns a bit different from large bore rifles. We will cover safety, marksmanship, scope parallax and proper hold. We will shoot and have some air gun fun.

Basic Fishing Easton Copley, Andrew Wooldridge (Limit 12)
Venture into the world of fishing as you learn basic techniques, safety, casting, tackle, equipment, and bait. You will get to utilize your newfound skills by hitting the waters on the KY Fish and Wildlife Headquarters. PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE A VALID KY FISHING LICENSE

Tricks of the Trade Courtney Goodman (Limit 12)
The more time you spend as an outdoors woman the more tips and tricks you will learn along the way. This class is a great starting point to prepare you for your future outdoor adventures. Whether you are chasing a whitetail, a long beard, or even a chunky fox squirrel, this class will help you feel more prepared and confident in the woods. We will cover many topics including gear for women, acquiring access/permission to hunt on land, what habitat to look for and wildlife identification. Kentucky has great hunting resources and this class will help you learn how to take advantage of what our beautiful state has to offer.

BOW’s Bolts -> Crossbows 101 Becky Bloomfield (Limit 10)
Expand your knowledge of archery equipment by becoming familiar with crossbows. Learn the parts and mechanics of crossbows, as well as, how to shoot one. This class will emphasize how to handle crossbows safely for recreational shooting and hunting.

Basic Archery Sam Seaton, Jason Sparrow (Limit 12)
Channel your inner warrior and let your arrow fly true! Learn a new outdoor skill with step-by-step instructions for correctly and safely shooting a bow. We will be shooting outside, so please dress accordingly.

Teaching Conservation with Live Animals Brent McCarty (Limit 12)
The Salato Wildlife Education Center is home to roughly 130 native Kentucky animals. Join manager Brent McCarty as he takes you behind-the-scenes and shows you how Kentucky Fish and Wildlife uses these animals to teach visitors about conservation, wildlife management, habitat management, carry capacity and the important role hunting and fishing plays in making sure future generations can still enjoy Kentucky’s wildlife resources. This will include a trip around the Center and live hawk, falcon and groundhog demonstrations.


Noon Lunch


PM (1:15-3:45pm)

Air Gun Fun, on the Range or in the Woods Eric Eisiminger (Limit 8)
(Same as above)

What Bait Catches What Fish? Easton Copley, Andrew Wooldridge (Limit 12)
Explore fishing without worms! Come learn different types of artificial baits and how to use them when going fishing. We will try our luck at catching a few in the upper game farm lake. PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE A VALID KY FISHING LICENSE

Tricks of the Trade Courtney Goodman (Limit 12)
(Same as above)

BOW’s Bolts -> Crossbows 101 Becky Bloomfield (Limit 10)
(Same as above)

Bowhunting 101 Sam Seaton, Jason Sparrow, Rachel Crume (Limit 12)
Discover how to harvest game using one of the oldest hunting methods. In this class, you will explore different types of bowhunting equipment (bows, arrows, broadheads, treestands/blinds, safety harness and game calls etc.) and become a master of camouflage. Learn how to scout and find the perfect spot, as well as the secrets to making the perfect shot. PARTICIPANTS MUST BRING THEIR OWN BOW AND ARROWS WITH FIELD TIPS IF AVAILABLE.

Teaching Conservation with Live Animals Brent McCarty (Limit 12)
(Same as above)

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