Explore Bowhunting FAQ’s

What is Explore Bowhunting?

This program is a wonderful opportunity to provide youth and adults the introduction to outdoors skills they have been waiting for. With the decline of outdoor recreation such as hunting, this program was created to offer guidance and skills to help participants be more aware and comfortable in their surroundings when in the natural world. Created using age-less bowhunting skills, this all around outdoor skills course covers a variety of topics engaging those experienced and not in activities to hone in on their skills and enhance their encounters with wildlife while hunting, hiking, filming, or photographing. If you are ready to provide a beneficial introduction to the outdoors through skills such as tracking, wildlife calls, scents, camouflage, scouting and more, then this program is for you!

Where can Explore Bowhunting be held?

This extremely flexible program can be held in a variety of settings from in-school, to after-school, 4-H, church groups, sportsman’s clubs, scouts, camps and more. Simply attend an instructor workshop and get a first-hand look at how easy this program is to make your own.

How much time does an instructor typically have to put into hosting the program?

To plan and complete the entire program the average time is around 35 hours. The average time to complete each of the 22 activities is 1 hour/activity. Note: Instructors do not have to use all 22 activities in your program. Instructors have the ability to pick and choose which activities to use and adjust the length of time for each activity. This enables instructors to put in more or less time, molding the program to fit their time constraints.

Do Instructors need any certifications to teach Explore Bowhunting?

Yes, Instructors must attend the Explore Bowhunting Instructor Workshop, to become certified to teach the class. Each instructor will be issued an Explore Bowhunting instructor ID and certificate after successful completion of a workshop.

Where can I find out about the next instructor workshops?

Workshop dates and location can be found on the Instructor Workshops page of this website, or by contacting the State Coordinator. See contact information below.

Is there any funding assistance for instructors hosting Explore Bowhunting?

No, the cost of the curriculum and the cost of a kit, if purchased, is the responsibility of the instructor or organization. There are loaner kits available for programing on a first come, first serve bases. To purchase curriculum sets, purchase student handbooks, or to check out a loaner kit please contact the State Coordinator. See contact information below.

Where can I send pictures from our class to be shown on the website?

Please send all pictures and testimonials to the State Coordinator via mail, e-mail, or fax. We love hearing from you and seeing your programs in action! Your pictures may even end up in some of our promotional material!

Who should I contact with any additional questions?

Any and all questions regarding Explore Bowhunting can be directed to: Becky.Bloomfield@ky.gov