Explore Bowhunting Testimonials

“Great hands on course for students that are interested in hunting of any kind. My students are very excited and looking forward to just the thought of getting to participate in these activities.”
-Danielle Reeser- Ballard Memorial High School - Ballard

“I thought it would attract kids that already bow hunt but I found only a couple in my first class have already bow hunted.”
–Barry Shouse- Fairdale high School – Jefferson Co.

“We loved the instructor class and each person who was there was pleased with what they were taught. Katie was a true blessing to have teach our class and we sure enjoyed her as our speaker. “
-Tim Smith- Mt. Zion Baptist Church – McCracken

“ I truly love the program. It has been wonderful. We were kind of at a loss as something different to do with our children. The teacher book and student book have been great. And the free loan materials we are using with the kids right regularly. I am so glad I was trained in this and I can only see it as a benefit to kids. I think the donations and money put in the program have been worth it to my kids. Thanks so very much.”
-Patty Howard- Breathitt Youth Outdoors – Breathitt Co.

“It Is a great program for youth to learn and teach with.”
–Scott Cronin, Muhlenberg Co. High – Muhlenberg

“Explore Bowhunting has been great and has been the best part of the class!”
– Randy Adams- Anderson Co. High School – Anderson

“I took the training course as part of my experience as a KDFWR intern this past summer. The course was well-taught, with a good amount of motivational enthusiasm. The materials were impressive in design, well thought out, and intuitive .”
-Evan DeHamer- EKU Student- Madison

“This is a wonderful program and our students/staff have loved the opportunity to be a part of your pilot program. We are currently beginning a session in our afterschool program and we have just finished with 2 during school hours. It has been awesome for everyone. Thank you so much on behalf of the Grayson County Middle Students.”
-Melanie Manion- Grayson Co. Middle School - Grayson