Get Started in 3 Simple Steps!

3 Steps to Successfully Hosting Your Own Program

This exceptional program encompasses the outdoor skills used not only to bowhunt, but for anyone seeking a better understanding of the natural world. Created by the Archery Trade Association (ATA) in response to the decline in hunting participation across the nation, Explore Bowhunting hopes to connect students with the outdoors through archery and enhance their encounters within. The 23 lesson curriculum can be taught in a variety of in-school and after-school settings. Not only is this program a great fit for schools, but its flexibility allows it to benefit many other organizations such as 4-H sportsmen’s clubs, scouts, churches and more. Targeted, but not limited to students ages 11-17, participants will be exposed to a variety of hands-on activities ranging from building a blind, wildlife tracking and Identification, wildlife scents and calls, camouflage, deer anatomy and ecology, camouflage and so much more! Be the one to get Explore Bowhunting started in your community today!

  1. Attend a Workshop
    • The 3-4 Hour mandatory instructor workshop will leave you feeling comfortable and confident with the Explore Bowhunting curriculum. The workshop will provide hands on experience with the curriculum, many of the activities, an overview of the grants program and an opportunity for Q&A’s about the program!
    • View the next workshop dates under the instructor workshops tab
  2. Make It your Own
    • Create the program that best fits your needs, and take advantage of the tools and support KDFWR offers.
    • Apply for a Grant if desired
    • Order any Equipment desired (from State Coordinator)
    • Use available marketing materials found under the instructor Resources tab
    • Provide KDFWR the dates of your course for additional support!
  3. Provide us Feedback
    • Student registrations- Upon the start of your class send us your registrations which are KDFWR’s key to evaluating the program. Upon submission, you will be mailed Certificates and student handbooks for your class.
    • Class Evaluations- Your students and your opinion of the program directly impact the evaluation of the curriculum. Send us your feedback and be eligible for Equipment Giveaways!

Quick FAQ

How much time does an instructor typically have to put into hosting the program?

To plan and complete the entire program the average time is around 35 hours. The average time to complete each of the 22 activities is 1 hour/activity. Note: Instructors do not have to use all 22 activities in your program. Instructors have the ability to pick and choose which activities to use and adjust the length of time for each activity. This enables instructors to put in more or less time, molding the program to fit their time constraints.