Information for Campers

Camper Transportation

You'll receive transportation arrangements in the mail by the end of May.

Transportation to and from camp is arranged by KDFWR personnel, provided your child attends the week that their school's county is scheduled to go to camp. If you enroll your child for a different county's week, you must provide transportation to that county's pick up location, or directly to the camp. You may contact your county's Conservation Educator for more information.

Camp Transportation Departure and Return Locations

What to Bring:

Toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, towels, wash cloth, several changes of clothing, socks, swim suits, 2 sheets, 2 blankets (or sleeping bag), pillow, sunscreen, $10-15 in spending money (small bills or quarters are best) and any prescription or over-the-counter medication in its original container with physician name and telephone number on label. All medication is stored in the camp office and is dispensed only under the supervision of an adult. Do not bring cell phone. ONE SUITCASE OR DUFFLE BAG ONLY! (SLEEPING BAG DOES NOT NEED TO FIT IN SUITCASE.) PUT YOUR NAME ON EVERYTHING!

Do NOT bring food or candy from home, phones, or any devices that have WIFI or internet capability.

DO NOT MAIL:  care packages containing food or candy.  Due to camper food allergies, we will not distribute food or candy sent from home.

Being Away from Home

Homesickness is a very real and natural emotion that can occur when anyone leaves familiar surroundings. The key to dealing with homesickness is to try and prevent it by preparing your child for the stay. Here are some suggestions from the American Camping Association:

  • Practice overnights away from home
  • Arrange for a first-time camper to attend with a friend or relative.
  • Discuss what camp will be like before your child leaves home.
  • Remain positive about the camp experience. Keep any doubts or worries to yourself.
  • Discuss strategies for coping with homesickness. Don’t make any ‘early pick-up deals’ with your child.
  • Consider sending letters/care packages to your child just before their camp week begins. It’s fun to get a message from home during the evening mail call!

Most campers overcome homesickness and adjust to camp within a day or two. Our policy is to try to convince the homesick camper to giving camp at least one night's try. If the camper insists on calling home the first day, he/she may do so.


In order for the camp to operate safely and efficiently, we must insist that each camper cooperate with reasonable and necessary rules and directives. NO CAMPER will be permitted to leave camp to participate in another activity and then return to camp. Insurance regulations will not permit this. If there is someone you absolutely do not want your child to see or to pick up your child, please list on a separate sheet.

Campers may be picked up at camp only by parent/guardian or another pre-approved person with proper identification.

If you have questions regarding your child’s camp date, pick-up date, what to bring, etc., call (800) 858-1549.