Instructor Workshops

Instructor Workshops

What Is It?

The instructor workshop is a mandatory 3-4 hour course designed to introduce instructors to the Explore Bowhunting curriculum and activities. This hands-on course will leave participants feeling comfortable and confident using the curriculum guide as well as with many of the activities. Instructors will have the opportunity to learn useful tips in the set up and instruction of activities as well as see them in action. The workshop also provides opportunity to discuss Explore Bowhunting expectations and next-step opportunities for instructors and students.

Workshop Dates:

For the latest workshop dates, see the Events Calendar (Explore Bowhunting)
Contact the Explore Bowhunting State Coordinator at:

No Workshop in your area?

Help us host a workshop for you and others in your community by:

  • Helping to find a suitable location to host a workshop
  • Help find a minimum of 10 participants
*contact the Explore Bowhunting State Coordinator for more information*


Workshop Details:

  • Free to attend
  • You must reserve a spot in the workshop by contacting the State Coordinator
  • Additional workshop details will be sent out the week prior to the event.
  • Participants will have the option to leave with a set of the Explore Bowhunting Curriculum from the workshop. The curriculum cost is $50 (cash or check) per set and will be collected at the end of the workshop. Curriculum may be purchased at a later date from the State Coordinator as well.


*All workshops are subject to rescheduling due to inclement weather and/or less than 10 participants*