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Letter to Educators

National Archery in the Schools Program Logo

You may have already heard about the exciting new physical education program, "Archery: On Target for Life," which has been added to the curriculum of more than 900 Kentucky schools in the past eight years. If not, as a career Kentucky educator, I'd like to encourage you to please take the time to investigate how this innovative program has the potential to impact your students on multiple levels.

The unit, "Archery: On Target for Life," was written by the Kentucky Department of Education curriculum specialist, utilizing the curriculum standards required by the Kentucky Education Reform Act. It contains Academic Expectations and Core Content for Assessment required by state regulation to be taught in Physical Education. The curriculum has been written for grades 4-12, to review the curriculum go to the AWAKE site on KDFWR web page or to www.nasparchery.com. You will find the curriculum holds interesting and creative possibilities for integration with core content in social studies, mathematics, visual arts, history, and English/language arts.

Potential aside, it is the results we have already realized from the "Archery: On Target for Life," program that have excited educators and administrators across the Commonwealth and the Nation. Participating students have exhibited marked improvements in self-esteem, confidence, self-discipline, structured programs and self-worth--all qualities that lead to an all-around better student, and an enriched student body. We have also documented improvements in attendance, behavior and on-task behavior. Assessing and evaluation the National Archery in the Schools Program.

The Kentucky Model of "Archery: On Target For Life,” is a two-week course of archery instruction that addresses safety strategies, concentration, skills and techniques necessary to enjoy and participate in archery as a "Lifetime Sport." The safety procedures and instructional guidelines have been created by National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) Schools interested in participating must send at least one teacher to an 8 hour, Basic Archery Instructor course to become a certified archery instructor for that facility.

The majority of the schools in Kentucky and other states which have implemented the inaugural two-week course have now expanded archery into after-school programs like ESS, 21st Century, Family Resources Service Center (FRYSC), as well as school archery clubs and organized competition.

As the administrator in charge of coordinating "Archery: On Target for Life," in Kentucky I have been witness to hundreds of success stories that this program has brought to the faculty and young people in our state. Prominent among these is word from principals and instructors that students who do not normally participate and enjoy sports-related or extra-curricular activities seem to excel in this program--something that invariably carries over into their attitude, work habits and other school activity. We have two principals that stated the NASP program is the key factor that enabled their school to be a top 20 school on the state assessment in 2003. A superintendent said this spring during graduation that he had the pleasure of shaking hands with and handing a diploma to a young man that would never had finished school had it not been for the archery program.

I would like to take the opportunity to share other success stories with you about this innovative and first-of-its kind curriculum at your convenience. Please contact me at jennie.richardson@ky.gov  or office (606) 549-9918 or (cell 606-521-0421) so I may explain in greater detail the enormous potential "Archery: On Target for Life," holds for your school/schools and your students.

Thank You,

Jennie Richardson