NASP Quotes and Testimonials


"After seeing the results of two months of after school programming with the National Archery in the Schools Program, I bought the program for four of our elementary schools." - Wayne Thurman- Director of At Risk Services Lincoln County Schools, KY

"The archery unit has been a very good addition to our physical education program at Lone Oak Middle School. Many students who have not had a lot of success in traditional physical education activities are excelling in archery.
One example of this at our school involved a boy with Down Syndrome. He was in a regular eighth grade physical education class. He always did his best no matter what the activity. Archery was no exception. He had never shot a bow before, so this was a new experience for him. I was worried that he might even hurt himself, so I really kept a close eye on him. After a little practice he really started to get the hang of it. The second day that we were doing some shooting we had a class competition and this boy came in third place out of a class of about 25. Seeing his face with a great big smile on it and hearing him say "yeah" while pumping his fist in the air after hitting a bullseye, well that was priceless." - Barry Tidwell, Physical Education Teacher - Lone Oak Middle School, Paducah, Ky.

“In the city of Louisville, very few students have any exposure to archery. It is very rewarding to introduce the activity to the students for the first time. For the kids who are not "traditional" athletes, you can witness their self-esteem drastically improve when they experience a little success with a bow." - Kyle McKune, PE Teacher - Moore Traditional Middle School

"In regards to the National Archery in the School Program here in Kentucky, it is one of the few programs that is all-inclusive. We do not have a single child in our building, whether they be gifted and talented, mentally challenged, tall or short, big or little, male or female, or any sub-group of our population, that does not participate in our program. It is such a joy to see kids learning, developing skills, getting involved, and having fun. There is absolutely no down-side to this program. Any school not offering this to their children is missing a golden opportunity. Find out more today." - Rich Prewitt , Principal - Whitley County Middle School, Williamsburg, Kentucky

What we basically did was offer archery during our exploratory period. Most of the students in the school are in Accelerated Reading or Choir during this time. But we also offer archery from 7:50 to 9:00 for a two week period. At the end of the two week period another 15 students will take the class while those that just finished go back to their Exploratory Classes. 15 is a good low number to work with, and with 405 students in the school we will eventually teach a two week unit of archery to every student in the building. In addition, we are also offering archery during our 21st Century Program. This is for 2 hours 3 days a week. The kids love it. We currently have an shooter of the week, who gets his or her picture taken and placed on the bulletin board in the front of the building.
We appreciate the opportunity that you have given us to bring in a curriculum that helps the students become more excited about coming to school and gives them a lifetime activity to participate in.
Aaron D. Anderson - Pine Knot Middle School Principal
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School Phone: (606) 354-2511

First of all congratulations on being part of one of the greatest things that was ever implemented in the public school system. The archery program has been a great success here at McLean County Middle School. Also congrats on the success of the state competition that aired on Ky. Afield; I've had students boys, and girls alike that saw that program and is now asking if they can go compete. My female students are finding great success, sometimes being a better archer than their male counterparts. It has really improved kids self-esteem. Thanks for your part and the KDFW.
James Sartain, Health/PE - McLean County Middle School, Calhoun, Ky. 42327 (270) 273-5191

"The archery program at Union County Middle School has made a major impact on kids in the P.E. department. Many of the students at our school are not the competitive type but really enjoy the archery program. Kids that never wanted to participate in any activity bug me all the time about shooting the bows. It has really help the student with low ability or low self esteem, because they are the ones that usually will win the shooting competition in class. We are planning to start an after school archery program and compete in this years State Tournament. It was a great idea to start this program and I am very glad that I was able to get in the training last year." - Scott Ricks, Physical Education Teacher - Union County Middle School, Morgantown, Ky.

"The thing that I like about the archery program is the same kids that dominate your "everyday" Physical Education activities do not always dominate this. It teaches every kid something. The kids that are normally good at everything in PE class have to learn how to work at something they are not naturally good at. While some of the other kids get to feel what it is like to be the best at something. It is something that makes the average kid feel like a superstar. It also teaches the kids about safety, and how unsafe habits can cause injury to themselves or others around them. I have told Jennie before that when this idea was first pitched to me I was the biggest skeptic, but after doing it for a year and taking a group of kids to one of the contests I can say I am a big fan of the program." - Drew Heuertz, PE/Health Teacher - East Jessamine Middle School

"A child doesn't have to be the best athlete on campus in order to achieve high success at shooting the bow and arrow, and this allows them to experience what it feels like to achieve something positive. The program also introduces kids to the outdoors and helps them realize that there is more to enjoying free time than playing video games." - Hank Smith - Stanford Elementary, Lincoln County, Kentucky

"My student story is about Laura. Laura was a freshman student who had participated in band, but had never been on any sports team or had never been a part of any other organization. She asked one day if she could be on the archery team, upon seeing the flyers I put up around school. She began finding ways to ask me about it everyday and upon the first practice, arrived at the indoor facility where we were going to shoot. After learning how, she discovered that she had good hand-eye coordination. She actually began shooting groups by the first night and by the third practice; she was hitting a bulls eye group. She informed her dad, when he picked her up, that she had found her "niche" in High School and gave me a hug as she left. Her obvious confidence grew, she began encouraging others and by the time we attended the first statewide shoot, she was no longer the shy, quiet girl, but the archery spokesperson for our group. Our local Ducks Unlimited chapter sponsored our team shirts and Laura showed up in a purple bandana with SHS archery painted on it. She was so excited and so encouraging to others she said upon our entrance into the arena that she had never been more proud to represent her school and was smiling uncontrollably. After the competition was ended, we waited for the following flights to finish. As we did so, I walked over to check the board and noticed that Laura had one of the highest scores of the day and that only Middle school archers were ahead of her. It was soon after I discovered that there were no more High School archers and that Laura was the first High School State Champion! Words cannot describe the look on her face as I walked down into the bleachers and quietly told her that she had just won! Almost immediately, they announced her name as the state champion and our kids erupted. I have never been more aware of what this program has done for at least one student and I have never been more proud to be an educator than I was on that day. Thank you to everyone who started this wonderful opportunity for students like Laura." - Tommy Floyd, Principal - Somerset High School, Pulaski County, Ky.

Hey to whom it may concern:
The archery program has been a lifesaver to have for our students. Our students can do the work they just need some motivational strategies to get them to do their work in order to succeed. They have really changed their grades and their behaviors have decreased. I have less people in ISAP and detention now. They really work hard to get the archery program. In the past they were allowed to go to the gym and play basketball for 25 minutes a day if they were good. That worked for a while but then if they didn't want to do their work they chose not to. This archery program has been a plus for our special education students that weren't willing to do work before.
They would cause problems in the classroom and back talk the teachers. This is not happening now. They were skipping school and this has decreased.
Mr. Anderson has been excellent with the archery program and has certain guidelines for this program or they don't get it weekly.
They work really hard and they will really push themselves on Wednesday and Thursday to get archery. In the past they would quit Wednesday. There have been several things that the students wanted to say like why are we doing this and all I have to say is you are working for the archery on Fridays and they get to work.
I am really pleased with the success and they feel special and it has really helped the self esteem because they feel success in the classroom and out of the classroom. They really look forward to going on Fridays. I had two people that earned it the first week. The second week I had 5 people. They went back to the classroom and talked about it and it sounded really interesting for these kids. They really tried hard and wanted to participate. They encourage each other and they work together to make sure their buddies get to go. I have some students that are really good at this sport and not successful in anything else.
Kim Young, Math Teacher - Garrard County Middle School

To whom it may concern:
The archery program at Garrard Middle School has promoted student attendance, fewer behavioral referrals, and improved academics. This sport has provided a non-intimidating opportunity for many students who may not have been successful in the past with other competitive events and sports.
Linda Kyle, Special Education teacher - Garrard Middle School

"The archery program is an excellent "vehicle" for moving students forward academically because of the archery-curriculum units that have been developed for classroom use." - Tim McGinnis, Superintendent of Trigg County Schools

"I've never had so much fun coaching a sport in an educational setting in my 20 plus years of teaching. I feel we reach the students academically, socially, emotionally, mentally and physically through the Archery in Kentucky Schools Program." - Tina Davis, Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher for Trigg County Middle School

"The National Archery In the Schools Program has benefited our school in many ways. The students who participate have developed more confidence in themselves and promoted higher self esteem. The archery students who participated at the state archery tournament last spring had an experience of a lifetime. They are still talking about their performance and the many professionals in the archery industry, such as Jennie Richardson and Matt McPherson, who they had the chance to meet up close and personal that day. Our students are very excited about this year's upcoming tournament as well." - Kenny Roark, Principal, Leatherwood Elementary in Perry County, Ky.