Picture Gallery (FINs)

How about sharing your photo fishing experience with us?

The Fishing in Neighborhoods Program (FINs) wants a photo of you with the fish you have caught at our FINs lakes. When submitting your picture please include your name, who is pictured, when the photo was taken, where the fish was caught (which FINs lake), and any other information you think is important. Your picture will be displayed in the Fishing in Neighborhoods Photo Gallery on the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources website. You can email your photos to: dane.balsman@ky.gov (please make sure your photos do not exceed 5MB in size).

Upon submission of your photo, the photographer and all persons pictured in the photo grant permission to reproduce, and display the photo on KY Fish and Wildlife Resources Photo Gallery webpage, along with the requested information. FIN reserves the right to resize, crop, or reject photos for any reason. Any photos emailed to FINs will become property of the KY Fish and Wildlife Resources, Fisheries Division.

fins2thumb.jpg fins5thumb.jpg fins3thumb.jpg fins4thumb.jpg fins6thumb.jpg finsmotherandsonthumb.jpg manwithfishthumb.jpg girlwithfish finsbroughtonthumb.jpg finsbroughton2thumb.jpg madisonblankenshipthumb.jpg burgebluecatthumb.jpg haywoodthumb.jpg doddCaudillthumbnail.jpg Coleman Lottthumbnail.jpg jlukasthumbnail.jpg mcdowellthumbnail.jpg norvellthumbnail.jpg rossthumbnail.jpg scottthumbnail.jpg coleman2thumbnail.jpg fowlerthumb.jpg Holtthumb.jpg lukas2thumbnail.jpg Koonthumb.jpg Millerthumb.jpg Steberlthumb.jpg Holt2thumb.jpg Lawsonthumb.jpg Tebbethumb.jpg