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Trophy Bass Propagation Program


The Trophy Bass Propagation Program has been discontinued!

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) would like to thank you for your support of the Trophy Bass Propagation Program.  Over the last two years, anglers donated eight trophy bass to the program.  All donated bass were taken to the Pfeiffer Fish Hatchery in Frankfort, KY.
In both 2016 and 2017, the hatchery was able to produce a limited number of trophy bass offspring from these fish.  Differences in timing between when the trophy bass were caught and delivered to the hatchery and when the hatchery annually spawns their largemouth bass prevented some of the donated fish from spawning each year.
During this off-season, KDFWR assessed the success of the program and based on several factors, has decided to discontinue the program.  Ultimately, limited participation and poor survival of the trophy bass were the main concerns.  The program received four bass each year, but would require many more to allow for production of enough offspring to cover statewide stocking needs.  Unfortunately, the donated trophy bass are old fish, ranging from 10-13 years old.  Because of this, they are not as fit for producing maximum numbers of robust fry, and they have not survived well in the hatchery production ponds.  It may be that the basses’ survival is influenced by fluctuating pond temperatures, being placed in a foreign environment, or the fact that the fish are just older. Whatever the causes, mortality of the trophy fish is at fifty percent.
To limit stress on these old fish, it would be better to leave them in their native environment.  The remaining trophy bass held at the hatchery will be returned to their home lakes this fall.
Once again, thank you for partnering with KDFWR in an attempt to improve fishing across the state.  Although this program did not provide the outcome we hoped for, we will continue to look for new and innovative ways to provide better fishing opportunities in Kentucky now and in the future. 

Bass that were donated to the Trophy Bass Propagation Program

Angler Fish Weight Where Caught Date Caught Lure Participating Bait Shop Photo and Details
Bobby Webb 8.2 lbs. Fishpond Lake 4/4/16 Rainbow Trout Swimbait ANA Variety N More Bobby Webb's Fish
Darrick Sexton 8.5 lbs. Fishpond Lake 4/23/16 Texas-Rigged Soft Plastic ANA Variety N More Darrick Sexton's Fish
Paul Collins 8.7 lbs. Fishpond Lake 4/26/16 Jig and Trailer ANA Variety N More Paul Collins' Fish
Michael Carter 9.3 lbs. Greenbo Lake 5/2/16 Swimbait Prichard’s Outdoor Shop Michael Carter's Fish
​Austin Gruner ​8.2 lbs. ​Kentucky Lake ​2/10/17 3/4 ounce green pumpkin and chartreuse football jig ​Fisherman's Headquarters Austin Gruner's Fish
​Christian Honeycutt ​8.6 lbs. ​Fishpond Lake ​3/26/17 ​Soft Plastic ​ANA Variety N More Christian Honeycutt's Fish
​Tony Blake ​9.2 lbs. ​Lake Malone ​4/1/17 ​Jig and Trailer ​KBO Bait Shop Tony Blake's Fish