Deer Hunting Equipment

Many hunters loan their friends equipment to get started.  Don’t hesitate to ask if you need something.  When you’re ready to buy, you can purchase quality hunting gear from your local department store chain, sporting goods store, gun shop, or online (except modern firearms).


ü 1. Firearms:  Modern firearms that are legal for deer include any center-fire (aka “high powered”) rifle or pistol, or shotgun used with slugs.  For slugs, a shotgun should be “open-choked”: cylinder, improved cylinder, or rifled barrel designed for slugs.  Muzzle-loading hunting guns range from centuries-old technology to cutting-edge in-line rifles that accurately shoot well beyond a hundred yards.

ü 2. Clothing:  Most importantly, you need a solid hunter orange hat and vest or jacket to cover your head and chest/back for safety.   Otherwise, many wear camo underneath but you can also simply wear green or brown.  Avoid blue or white clothing.  Consider using a scent cover/blocking wash for your clothes before you deer hunt.  Dress with adequate layers so you can adapt to the weather. 

ü 3. Rubber boots don’t absorb scents, but most don’t provide the level of ankle support of other hunting boots; use footwear that fits the terrain you’ll be hunting.

ü 4. Day-pack:  Carry along a backpack with drinking water, snacks, first-aid kit, knife and disposable gloves for field dressing, and raingear.  Rope or other means (such as a game cart) for dragging a harvested deer is also helpful if you’ll be far from your vehicle.

ü 5. Binoculars are helpful for locating deer and positively identifying your target. 

ü 6. Scope:  Optics for your rifle or slug gun is also helpful for more accurate shot placement; it is a must to sight-in or practice with a scoped firearm before each season.  Inexpensive binoculars and scopes are available at most sporting goods and department stores.

ü 7. Rangefinder:  This device pinpoints the distance from your eye to your target, and can help you avoid a missed opportunity caused by failure to properly adjust your aim for distance.