Elk Hunt Winners Information

New for 2013, there will no longer be Elk Hunting Units (EHU).  To better spread hunter numbers we have moved to a limited entry area (LEA) and an at large area system.  There are three limited entry areas (Caney LEA, Hazard LEA and Straight Creek LEA) and two at large areas (North and South).  Drawn hunters can rank heir preference on which of the five areas they would like to hunt. To do so, hunters must go online and rank their 5 choices from 1st to 5th based on where they would like to hunt.  Rankings must be completed by midnight (Eastern Time) on July 5th.  The results for the area drawings will be conducted and posted online by July 12th.

Ways to make an educated decision on which areas to pick: 

  1. If you are considering a guide service, contact the guides early. Some guides only work in certain areas and they will tell you which areas to apply for in order to use their service. We cannot guarantee you will get drawn for that area.
  2. Visit KDFWR’s elk webpage and look at elk harvest results, read the Frequently Asked Questions about Elk Hunting, look at the Elk Hunting Area Maps, watch KY Afield’s elk hunting TV segments, and read KY Afield’s elk hunting articles. - add links
  3. Speak to any friends or relatives who have drawn a Kentucky Elk tag.
  4. Visit some of the online hunting forums about Kentucky Elk Hunting.
  5. Take a trip to the elk zone and take an elk tour offered by our state parks. While there, visit some of the elk viewing areas and stop by any local sporting good stores.
  6. We do not have a list of private landowners with damage issues willing to accommodate hunters. Hunters are responsible for finding access if they wish to hunt on private land without using a guide.