On the Hunt - Deer Hunting

Concealment:   Many deer hunters use tree stands or ground blinds to help avoid detection by deer; roofs on these can also make hunting in adverse weather much more enjoyable! If you use a tree stand, be sure to use a safety harness to prevent a dangerous fall.   A wide variety of portable blinds are available.

Shot Placement: All your preparations pay off when you see a deer while hunting! After you determine that a legal deer is within range for your firearm, you must ensure that it is safe to aim and pull the trigger. Be certain of your target, and that if your bullet misses or travels through the deer that it cannot hit an unacceptable target. NEVER shoot if you have any doubts! The most “fool-proof” target on a deer is the heart-lung area, just behind the front shoulder and about 6-8” up from the bottom of the deer’s chest.