About Kentucky Afield Host, Tim Farmer

The Nation's Longest-Running Outdoor Television Show

The nation’s longest running outdoor television show has success in its sights or Kentucky’s outdoor enthusiasts. Now in its 53rd year, Kentucky Afield is a Kentucky classic. Part of the draw, is host, Tim Farmer. Kentucky Afield Host Tim Farmer

A life-long Kentuckian, Farmer has been an outdoor lover since childhood. He was flyfishing before the age of 8 and squirrel hunting at 10. However, in 1984, a motorcycle accident left the Carter County outdoorsman without the use of his right arm.

Thanks to a strong will and adaptability, Tim regained the capacity to continue doing the many things he loved. He learned to shoot a rifle cross-shouldered, tie fishing line with his mouth, and shoot a bow and arrow with his teeth (with bull’s-eye accuracy). In 1995, this resiliency led him to Kentucky Afield. Each week, he finds himself in the woods and on the water from Pikeville to Paducah.

The disability, however, is hardly noticeable on screen.

“It’s not really a distraction at all,” Farmer says. “It’s simply how I and many Kentuckians must live our life, I’m just lucky to be in a position to share the joys of the outdoors with viewers around the state at the same time. Many have called me to ask how they can overcome physical barriers themselves to get back to enjoying the outdoors. For most, it wan’t as difficult as they thought.”

Farmer is a husband and father of two daughters who have grown up on the show through occasional appearances. He believes that any place outdoors can be a place for families; men, women, boys and girls alike.

If you would like to contact Tim Farmer, you may e-mail him at tim.farmer@ky.gov.