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kyafieldradiologo.jpg Kentucky Afield Radio is the show that takes you inside outdoors each week on the subject of wildlife conservation, habitat and the many forms of nature-related recreation. Hunting, fishing, boating, safety, photography, research, and more. Hosted by KY Fish & Wildlife and broadcasting veteran Charlie Baglan, the program provides insightful information from experts in the field and department professionals.

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Special Kentucky Afield Radio Segment:

Kentucky's Red November - The audio documentary of the Undamming of Red River Gorge

Run time 58:00
You may download this file to broadcast anytime at your convenience. Schools, Universities, Libraries, Conservation Organizations are also welcome. For further details, contact Charlie Baglan at 859-619-7743.

On November 18, 1967, one of Kentucky’s most scenic and treasured wilderness areas was poised to become Red River Lake. The pivotal visit by U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas placed the local controversy into the national spotlight. Covered by CBS News, TIME Magazine and others, the battle endured for years between environmental factions, the Sierra Club, dam proponents, as well as state and federal officials...with Powell County flood control in the balance. Today, this chapter of Red River Gorge and Kentucky’s natural history is largely forgotten, if known at all, but is retold by the voices that made it happen.

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  • WBRT, Bardstown, KY, FM 97.1/AM 1320, Sundays  6:00 a.m. EST/5:00 a.m. CST
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