Summer 2003


Kentucky has many relatively unknown small lakes that offer good fishing and are perfect for family outings. In the second of our Sunday Afternoon Lakes series, we highlight fishing spots in Trigg, Taylor and Bell counties.

Some of the state’s best fishing areas have good access for bankside anglers. Find out more about these areas and the tactics to use in Kentucky’s Tailwaters.

Many fly rod anglers stick to poppers when they target bass or bluegill. Leave the poppers in your fly box and learn the secrets of fishing near the bottom in Go Deep.

Wheelchair-bound anglers have special needs when it comes to fishing spots. Learn what Kentucky Fish and Wildlife is doing to improve access and the location of specially-constructed fishing areas in Handicapped Accessible Fishing.

Sometimes bass numbers are limited because of a lack of nesting sites. Biologists are experimenting with a new method to fix the problem. Find out more in Bass Barrels.

Finally, there’s a way property owners can improve wildlife habitat while saving time and money. Discover field mowing tips in Less Work, More Wildlife.