Bear Hunters: The 2015 bear season with dogs opens Saturday November 28.  All hunters must check the KDFWR homepage or call the Info Center at 1-800-858-1549  after 9:00 PM each day of the season to learn if the black bear quota was met.  For information about checking bears, click here.

Scavenger Hunts

Encourage your students to look deeper than just the animal in the exhibit. What type of animal is it? What does it eat? What habitat does it inhabit? Is its status endangered, threatened, or rare? What part has the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources played in the management and conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitats?

Our age-appropriate scavenger hunts are newly revised and challenge students to read interpretive signs, observe particular animals closely, compare and contrast physical features, and more. In addition to natural science, questions also require students to use basic math, writing, and art skills, reinforcing lessons used in the classroom.

Click on a link below to view or download a PDF of each scavenger hunt. Teachers may request a key in advance or upon arrival.

Preschool Hunt
Elementary School Hunt Answers
Middle School Hunt Answers
High School Hunt Answers