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 Quota Hunts


The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources conducts quota hunts for deer, small game (pheasant, wild quail and upland birds) and migratory birds (waterfowl and mourning doves).

Some hunts are mentored hunts for youth and accompanying adults. Some hunts are open to mobility-impaired hunters only.

Any resident or nonresident may apply for quota hunts. Only the person(s) successfully drawn for quota hunts may hunt. Substitutions are not allowed.

Bear Quota Hunt with Dogs

A bear quota hunt with dogs (fivebear quota) for Kentucky residents only has been proposed and was awaiting legislative pproval when this guide went to press.

Only persons that possess a valid Bear Chase Permit may apply. Hunt parties shall not exceed five adults or five adults and two youth. Each hunt party may take one bear.

Deer Quota Hunts

Deer quota hunts are held on 13 WMAs, three state parks (Greenbo Lake, Green River Lake and Lake Barkley), Pennyrile State Forest, and Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area.

Additionally, there is a youth-only deer quota hunt on Grayson Lake WMA, and quota deer hunts for mobility-impaired hunters on Green River Lake WMA, Taylorsville Lake WMA, and Zilpo-Twin Knobs Campgrounds (on Cave Run Lake).

Elk Quota Hunts

Morning Dove Quota Hunts

Youth hunters and an accompanying adult may participate in Mentor Dove Hunts on a limited number of public fields.

Call the department’s Information Center (1-800-858-1549) weekdays 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m EDT beginning Aug. 12 to sign up and reserve a spot for these hunts.

Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis until the designated spaces are filled. Other than statewide licensing requirements, no additional hunt permits are required.

Locations of mentor hunts will be published in the 2013 Kentucky Hunting Guide for dove and early migratory bird seasons, available from the department’s website and Information Center in early August.

Pheasant Quota Hunts

Pheasant quota hunts are held on Yellowbank WMA, Green River Lake WMA and Clay WMA.

Sandhill Crane Quota Hunt

Upland Bird Quota Hunts

Upland bird (wild grouse, wild quail and woodcock) quota hunts are held on Clay WMA.

Waterfowl Quota Hunt

Waterfowl quota hunts are held on Ballard and Sloughs WMAs.

Wild Quail Quota Hunts

Quota hunts for wild quail are held on the Ken Unit of Peabody WMA.