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So you're going on a Kentucky elk hunt? Check out our tutorial designed to educate hunters of all experience levels. It's divided into three sections: Pre-Hunt Preparations, Expectations in the Field, and After the Shot - with each section covering a variety of topics.






Summer Camps

Camp Swim

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) operates three conservation camps in the Commonwealth: Camp John Currie on Kentucky Lake, Camp Earl Wallace on Lake Cumberland and Camp Robert C. Webb on Grayson Lake. Learn More...


Aquatic Education

Two Girls catch a Fish Conservation Camp

The Kentucky Aquatic Resource Education (KARE) program has three essential parts. Most of this web page is dedicated to the first part, formal education. Here you will find several teacher's guides for posters that are available free of charge from the Department. The second part of KARE is providing help for youth programs such as 4H or scouts to allow camp attendees to have fishing opportunities while they camp. Finally, Community Based Fishing provides guidance for establishing fishing programs for any target audience in any community in Kentucky. Learn More...

National Archery in the Schools Program

“Not everyone can dunk the ball, tackle, or run fast. However, as a young lady from North Pulaski M.S. said, “I can do this!” Learn More...

National Archery in the Schools Program Two Archers  

Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW)

Becoming an Outdoors Woman 

A workshop primarily aimed at women, but an opportunity for anyone 18 years or older to learn outdoor skills usually associated with hunting and fishing, but useful for many outdoor pursuits.

The Annual Fall KY BOW workshop will take place Friday, September 20 thru Sunday, September 22, 2013 at the UK Lake Cumberland 4-H Leadership Center. Registrations will be sent out mid-May early-June. To be placed on the mailing list please contact the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources at 1-800-858-1549.
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Black Bears

Black Bears 

Currently, black bears are the most abundant and widespread of all eight bear species in the world. In Kentucky, the return of black bears over the last 20 years is proving to be a true wildlife success story. Contrary to some beliefs, however, today’s growing population is not the result of a “restocking” effort. As oak forests matured after extensive logging efforts of the early 1900s, bears recolonized these habitats from our neighboring states of West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee.
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Blue Water Trails

The Blue Water Trails series highlights the floating, fishing and tourism opportunities on Kentucky’s streams and rivers.
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Bowhunter Education

To participate in a Bowhunter Education Field Day as part of the requirement for completing the National Bowhunter Education Online Course, find a Field Day near you. You may also participate in a Bowhunter Education Add On. The Add On Course is a 4 hour add on to a scheduled Hunter Education Course. This add on will also meet the requirement for completing the NBEF on line course. Please remember to bring your NBEF Field Day Qualification Certificate as proof of completing the On Line Course.

Conservation Education Program

Conservation Education Canoe 

Our Mission Statement:

We are the primary educational component of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. We exist to develop and enhance awareness, knowledge, skills and commitment that will enable people to make informed decisions which will result in responsible behavior to sustain wildlife diversity and related recreation.
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Explore Bowhunting

Explore Bowhunting

Today's recent movies, TV shows, books and more have brought archery to the forefront and greatly increased interest in the sport! Why not use Explore Bowhunting to create the opportunity Kentucky's youth and adults are waiting for!
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Fishing in Neighborhoods (FINs)

Fishing in the Neighborhoods 

The FINs program is a cooperative agreement between KDFWR and city/county municipalities. Lake owners have committed to cover 25% of the stocking costs. All 40 lakes in the FINs program have a standard set of regulations that are posted around the lakes. These regulations are a little more restrictive than the statewide regulations but help spread the fish harvest out over a longer period of time.
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For Educators and Parents

Download teacher's guides and lesson plans here.
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Horseback Riding

KDFWR has several dedicated horse trails on some of our Wildlife Management Areas (WMA's) and at the Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area.
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Hunter Education

Hunter Education Learning Gun Saftey 

Effective March 1, 1991, all hunters born on or after January 1, 1975, shall, while hunting, carry a valid hunter education course completion card in addition to the appropriate Kentucky hunting license. A bow hunter not in possession of a firearm may carry a "National Bowhunter Education Program" course completion card in lieu of the hunter education card.
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Kentucky Aquatic Wild Cards

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, the Newport Aquarium and the WAVE Foundation have teamed up to make learning about life in and around the water FUN! We have created a unique game that introduces students to topics such as biodiversity, food chains, energy flow, interdependence and classification.
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Newport Aquarium Wave Foundation              

Project WILD

Project Wild

Project WILD is an interdisciplinary conservation and environmental education program emphasizing wildlife. The program is designed for educators of kindergarten through twelfth grade. Project WILD capitalizes on the natural interest that children and adults have in wildlife by providing hands-on activities that enhance student learning in all subject and skill areas. Project WILD educational materials are provided to educators through practical, interactive workshops.
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Salato Wildlife Education Center

Salato Wildlife Education Center

Welcome to the Salato Wildlife Education Center! From the lush, eastern mountains to rolling prairies... from lowland marshes to clear running streams... you'll experience Kentucky's diverse regional ecosystems and the wealth of fish, plants, and animals that make this their home.
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