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Fishing and Boating in Kentucky

Kentucky has a wealth of streams, rivers and lakes to suit all types of outdoor activities.  To help you find the ideal place to start your aquatic adventure, we have developed a variety of publications. The Fishing and Boating Access Guide lists over 900 places to fish, launch a boat or put in a canoe. To get your free copy of the Kentucky Boating and Fishing Access Site publication, please call 800-858-1549 or e-mail your request to our info center.



Kentucky's Fishing and Boating Access Sites Online

We also have an online version of the same information available with just a mouse click. You can search for sites by county or city and the online guide contained the most up-to-date information.  Just click on the button below to start your adventure.


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Kentucky's fishing and boating access sites on Google maps

Now you can use Google to navigate to your favorite fishing spot.  Just use the link or the interactive map with your smartphone, tablet or computer and start your adventure today.


Fishing and Boating Access Sites on Google