Pool 6 – Green River

Pool 6, of the Green River, flows 120 miles from the Green River Lake Tailwaters downstream to Lock and Dam 6 near Brownsville, KY. This section of the river makes its way through several communities before it enters Mammoth Cave National Park. Pool 6 is well known for the scenic views, numerous springs/caves and abundance of wildlife which makes this section of the river popular amongst anglers and boaters.

fish caught in Pool 6 
Fish caught in Pool 6 
Fish caught in Pool 6 

Green River Access Site to Site Mileages

Put In Access Site
Take Out Access Site
Total River Miles
Green River Lake Tailwater Ramp Roachville Ford 12.5
Roachville Ford Russell Ford 6.6
Russell Ford American Legion Park Ramp 2.3
American Legion Park Ramp Greensburg City Ramp 2.0
Greensburg City Ramp Green River/Russell Creek VPA 2.5
Green River/Russell Creek VPA Glenview Ford 11.2
Glenview Ford Lynn Camp Creek Ramp 19.2
Lynn Camp Creek Ramp Upper Green River VPA 9.8
Upper Green River VPA H.H. Wilson Ramp 8.4
H.H. Wilson Ramp Stovall Park Ramp 3.6
Stovall Park Ramp Dennison Ferry 21.0
Dennison Ferry Green River Ferry 7.5
Green River Ferry Houchins Ferry 12.3

Recommended River Levels for Boating/Fishing*

Green River Lake to Munfordville, KY
Flow in cubic feet per second (cfs)
Low <200 cfs
Good 200-500 cfs
High 500-1000 cfs
Dangerous >1000 cfs
Munfordville, KY to Lock and Dam 6
Flow in cubic feet per second (cfs)
Low <350 cfs
Good 350-700cfs
High 700-1200 cfs
High >1200 cfs
*These rating are only recommendations. Skill and experience will dictate level appropriate for each angler.

Resources for River Levels:caught fish

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Lake Lake/River Reports
(Provides daily dam discharges and forecasted release schedules)
Daily Lake Report
3 Day Lake Release Forecast

U.S. Geological Survey
(Provides real time stream flows on rivers and stream around the state)
Real Time Stream Levels @ Greensburg, KY
Real Time Stream Levels @ Munfordville, KY

Smallmouth Bass
Anglers should try fishing in areas with current, especially target eddies or current breaks created by rocks, logs and water willow directly above and below riffles as these areas are excellent ambush points. In swift water use moving baits such as spinner baits with willow blades and curly-tailed grubs. In the pools try using crawfish imitating crank baits and soft plastics.
Kentucky Spotted/Largemouth Bass
Focus fishing effort around the mouth of creeks, rocky banks and bank slides with woody debris. Anglers have good luck fishing crawfish imitating soft plastic baits Texas-rigged, medium running crank baits, spinners and a variety of top water baits. Match bait colors to the water conditions: natural patterns work best in clearer water (white, watermelon seed), while in muddy conditions use dark color (ex: black) or very bright color (chartreuse) baits that produce vibration.
Rock Bass
Target rock bass in areas with slow-moderate current around fallen logs and outside rocky bends in the river. Rock bass can be caught in a variety of artificial and live baits. Anglers report success in small crawfish crank baits, inline spinners, tube jigs and small curly-tailed grubs.
The best time to fish is from December through March when fish congregate toward the tailwaters of Green River Lake. Try fishing jigs with minnows or a curly-tailed grub bumping the bottom in back eddies and near the current. Metal jigging baits and bright colored crank baits also work in these areas.
From January through March target musky in the Green River Lake Tailwater during high discard periods. Throughout the summer musky can be found in pools with submerge timber just below riffles. Try using big inline spinners, swim baits and top water baits like buzz baits and walking baits. Good potential for trophy size fish (≥40 inches).
Channel Catfish
Target deeper pools with log jams with slow to moderate current. Fish baits like chicken livers, worms, cut bait and stink baits on the bottom. Best luck would be around dusk and dawn or low light conditions when catfish are more active.

The following length frequencies are representative of the top 5 species sampled in Pool 6 of the Green River during 2012.






These tables represent the average growth rates of fish collected in the Green River during 2012.