Bear Hunters: The quota for the 2014 archery/crossbow season for bears WAS NOT MET today.  Therefore, the bear season will remain open tomorrow.  All hunters must check the KDFWR homepage or call the Info Center at 1-800-858-1549 AFTER 9:00 PM each day of the season to learn if the black bear quota was met.  For information about checking bears, click here.

 Squirrel Hunting

This is a summary of hunting laws, intended solely for informational use 
and is applicable from March - June, 2014

This page is dedicated to turkey hunting but you may download the

Entire 2014 Spring Hunting Guide here


Season Dates 

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Bag Limit

Daily limit is 6 squirrels; possession limit is 12

Shooting Hours

Shooting hours are one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset.  Hunters may be in the field before and after shooting hours.


Hunters may only use the following equipment to take squirrels during the spring season:

  • Rifles that shoot rimfire ammunition, or .22-caliber handguns.
  • Muzzle-loading or breech-loading shotguns no larger than 10 gauge.  Breech-loading shotguns must be plugged to hold a maximim of three shells (two in magazine and one in chamber).
  • Lead or non-toxic shot no larger than number 2.
  • Muzzle-loading rifles.
  • Archery or crossbow equipment.
  • Pellets fired from .177, .20, .22 or .25-caliber airguns.
  • Dogs may be used to aid in the hunt.


  • Trapping squirrels during the spring season, or hunting squirrels at any time with slingshots or blowguns is prohibited.