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Here's a sneak peak at what you'll find in the Spring 2016 issue of Kentucky Afield

Spring 2016

To see an osprey fishing is a spectacular sight:  It hovers briefly over a fish in the water below, then folds its wings to bullet toward the surface. It often disappears underneath the water, only to emerge with a flopping fish in its talons.

It wasn’t long ago that an osprey sighting generated a buzz in a community. Nesting pairs disappeared from Kentucky shortly after World War Two, and did not return for nearly 40 years. In the spring issue of Kentucky Afield, learn how pairs of nesting ospreys went from zero to 128 in just 30 years.

The spring issue of Kentucky Afield also features the state’s fishing forecast. Plan your trips to the hotspots of fishing this year, and let Kentucky Afield help you with the tactics that can help you catch fish.

Other features will include a profile of Kentucky Afield television's new host and how to pick a good spot to catch turkeys coming off the roost.

Every issue of Kentucky Afield features columns on hunting and fishing, a feature about public areas for hunting or fishing, answers from the experts on your outdoor questions, the latest news from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, plus our popular Nature Notebook section, which features art and interesting facts about an animal or fish that you might encounter in the wild.

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