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Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

Adult Barn Owl<

Adult Barn Owl
Photo by: KDFWR

Status:  Uncommon/Rare
*Kentucky Species of Greatest Conservation Need*
Seasonal Occurrence:  Year-round resident
Distribution:  Statewide, though less common in eastern Kentucky
Preferred Habitat(s):  Open areas: grassland, pasture, hayfield, cropfield, old field, open marsh, reclaimed strip-mine land, etc.
Nesting Habits:  Nests in hollow trees, silos, grain bins, barns, building crevices, and will also use nest boxes
Note:  KDFWR tracks the occurrence of this species. Please report nesting Barn Owls by calling 1-800-858-1549 or by e-mailing Please visit our Barn Owl page to learn more about Kentucky’s Barn Owls at:
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Adult Barn Owl
Adult Barn Owl
Photo by:  John MacGregor
Seven young Barn Owls in a nest
Seven young Barn Owls in a nest.
Photo by:  R.T. Hendricks
Barn owl in flight
Barn Owl in flight
Photo by:  Kate Heyden