​Sandhill Crane Hunters - Hunters must monitor the KDFWR website daily for notices involving season closures.Check sandhill crane harvest totals here.

Shooting Preserves, Dog Training Areas, and Foxhound Training Enclosures

Shooting Preserves and Dog Training Areas:

  • A dog training area permit ($50.00) is required to designate an area to allow dog training and shooting of captive-reared bobwhite quail year round.
  • The dog training area must be a mowed area of at least 10 acres, and no greater than 75 acres, with less than 10% in grain or food plots.
  • A shooting preserve permit ($150.00) is required to operate a business in which animals are held or propagated in captivity and released to be taken by hunters.
  • One hundred (100) or fewer bobwhite quail may be possessed for personal use without a captive wildlife permit, provided the birds are not propagated or sold. Proof of purchase shall be retained as permission to possess. A transportation permit must be obtained from KDFWR before bobwhite quail are imported into Kentucky.
  • Captive-reared bobwhite quail may be taken year-round on a dog training area and August 15 – April 15 on a shooting preserve.
  • Daily record keeping and boundary signage required for dog training areas (sign every 150’) and shooting preserves (sign every 500’).
  • Pheasant and Chukar may be taken year-round as an exotic species and do not require a captive wildlife permit. However, a transportation permit must be obtained prior to importation of these birds into Kentucky.