School Field Trips

General Information

Effective March 1, 2013, the Salato Center will charge an admission fee. The hiking trails, fishing lakes, and picnic areas remain open free of charge. Please click here for further information.

PAYMENT IS DUE UPON ARRIVAL (no Purchase orders, please).

Whether you have scheduled a special program or are guiding your own field trip, we hope you find your visit to the Salato Wildlife Education Center both educational and entertaining! We wish to provide you with the following information to help you prepare for your upcoming visit. Directions and information about bus parking or shelter reservation may be found here. Please read over your field trip options, then click here to schedule. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have.


  • Chaperones: To ensure an atmosphere conducive to learning, we request that at least one (1) adult accompany your tour for every ten (10) children in theSalato Wildlife Center group.  For safety, teachers and chaperones must stay with the children during their visit.
  • Clothing: Children should be dressed appropriately for the weather since part of your tour will take place outside if weather permits. We also recommend sunscreen when needed.
  • Food: Food, including candy is NOT permitted in the center or on the trails. Please finish eating before you enter the building or leave food on the bus.
  • Accessibility and Special Needs: All of our outdoor trails except the HabiTrek and Pea Ridge Loop Trail are wheelchair and stroller accessible. With advance notice, the Salato Center can provide interpreters for hearing-impaired students.


Please be on time!

If you have scheduled a special program, please make every effort to arrive early so we can start at your scheduled time. To save time, larger groups (40 or more) may use the restrooms at the nearby picnic shelters in addition to those inside the center. If you arrive late it may be necessary to adjust your tour to fit into the remaining time. We reserve the right to cancel any group which arrives 15-minutes or more late, but you are still welcome to tour the center as a self-guided group. Please call and cancel your reservation if you do not intend to come.

Scheduling Your Field Trip

Effective March 1, 2013, the Salato Center will charge an admission fee. The hiking trails, fishing lakes, and picnic areas remain open free of charge. Please click here for further information.

PAYMENT IS DUE UPON ARRIVAL (no Purchase orders, please).

Instructions for Booking a Field Trip: After reviewing all of the field trip options below, click on the link to Schedule Your Field Trip Online. The Visitor Calendar shows availabilities a month at a time. You can change months by clicking on the link at the top of the page. A note next to each date will tell you whether the Center is open or closed that day. Special holiday openings/closings will also be noted in this way.

You may select either a Self-Guided Tour or an Interpretive Program. Self Guided Tours may be scheduled at any time during regular operating hours, regardless of the number of other groups coming. Educational Programs are only available at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 A.M. Tuesday and Wednesday and often are booked well in advance, so plan ahead! A glance at the calendar will show you which program periods are already reserved and which are open. No more than 50 children may be scheduled for any program period.

Special Events are also noted on the calendar. If an Educational Program is not available on the date you plan to attend, your group may still be able to participate in activities planned for the event. Click on the title of the event for details.

Once you've selected a date and decided what you'd like your group to do, click on "Schedule a Visit" to access the Visitor Planning Form, select either a Self-Guided Tour or and Educational Program, fill in all of the requested information, then submit! The "Special Requests" section may be used to request scavenger hunts, fishing poles, or teacher field kits. You'll be given the opportunity to reserve a picnic shelter at the end of the scheduling process or you may click here to schedule now.

Schedule Your Field Trip Online

What are your field trip options?

How can you better prepare yourself or your group?

You can prepare your group by familiarizing them with some of the following concepts or terms. But even with no prior preparation, most children will become familiar with these during the course of the tour. Children in the primary grades can be better prepared by making them aware of the season of the year. Have a discussion of what that means for the plants and animals that must live outside. Children of middle school age and above are usually ready for:

  • Habitat (food, water, shelter, space)
  • Native (to Kentucky)
  • Mammal
  • Reptile
  • Amphibian
  • Bird
  • Bird of Prey
  • Predator and Prey
  • Herbivore
  • Carnivore
  • Omnivore
  • Threatened vs. Endangered Species
  • Restoration vs. Conservation
  • Competition (for resources)
  • Wetlands

In-Service Workshops

The Salato Center and the KDFWR offer many opportunities for educators to do in-service training. Check out our Calendar of Events for workshops to assist you in creating outdoor classrooms, Project Archaeology, Project Wild, and more!