Archery season for deer and fall turkey began September 6.  Read the 2014-15 Kentucky Hunting and Trapping Guide before hunting.​

The hunting season for dove and some other migratory birds began September 1.  Read the 2014-15 Dove Hunting Guide before hunting.​

 Identifying Kentucky's Owls

Whoo's Whoo Out There?

Kentucky hosts many species of owls.  How can you tell each species apart?

Information and pictures of each species of owl that regularly occurs in Kentucky is listed below.  Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca) and Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) have also been recorded in Kentucky, but are not described below due to their extreme rarity.

Recordings of calls are available for selected species below.  To hear more owl calls and find more pictures and information on 
owls,  please visit