Kentucky Aquatic Wildcards Game

Newport Aquarium

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, the Newport Aquarium and the WAVE Foundation have teamed up to make learning about life in and around the water FUN! We have created a unique game that introduces students to topics such as biodiversity, food chains, energy flow, interdependence and classification.

Each deck of cards contains 52 organisms and represents aquatic ecosystems found within Kentucky’s watershed. Each card has an image of a different organism, featuring the art of Rick Hill with its common and scientific name as well as a standard number and suite designation so they can be used to play any card game. Wave Foundation

These specially designed decks of playing cards come with activities aligned with state standards that help teach the “big ideas” of science – interdependence, energy transformations, unity and diversity, and biological change. Educational and fun, these playing cards make a great gift!

By introducing all people to Kentucky’s biodiversity, we hope to instill knowledge and respect for the organisms living in the same environment as you and I.

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Alimento Alimento

Introducing ALIMENTO! A fun board game, featuring organisms found in Kentucky’s aquatic ecosystems!

Are you looking for a fun, educational way to introduce your students to Kentucky’s amazing aquatic biodiversity. Not only will they learn to recognize different animals found in Kentucky, but you can also introduce and review energy flow and food chains by having them look for food chains to earn bonus points.

ALIMENTIO comes with a roll out, laminated Alimento Game Board, both decks of Kentucky Aquatic Wild Cards, Tokens and Teacher’s Guide with instructions and additional activities.

Whether it is for home or school, Kentucky Aquatic Wild Cards are a fun way for all ages to learn about Kentucky’s amazing aquatic biodiversity.

Classification Rummy

Kentucky Quick Match

Predator Prey


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