(301 KAR 1:201, KRS 150.010)

Fishing-related definitions not listed here are included in appropriate sections of this guide.

Angling means taking or attempting to take fish by hook and line in hand, rod in hand, jugging, set line or sport fishing trotline.

Artificial baits are lures or flies made of wood, metal, plastic, hair, feathers, preserved pork rind or similar inert materials and having no organic baits including dough bait, putty or paste type baits designed to attract fish by taste or smell.

Authorization number is the number assigned to a person in lieu of fishing or hunting license when the license is purchased over the phone or Internet.

Black bass includes largemouth, smallmouth, Kentucky (spotted) and Coosa bass.

Culling Replacing a fish in the daily creel limit with another fish of the same species.

Daylight hours begin one-half hour before sunrise and end one-half hour after sunset.

Daily limit is the maximum number of a particular species or group of species a person may legally keep in a day or have in possession while fishing.

Fishing is taking or attempting to take fish in any manner, whether or not fish are in possession.

Lake means impounded waters, from the dam upstream to the first riffle on the main stem river and tributary streams or as specified in regulation.

Length means the distance from the front tip of a fish’s lower jaw with mouth closed to the tip of its tail with the fish laid flat on a rule with its tail lobes squeezed together.

Organic baits are insects, minnows, fish eggs, worms, corn, cheese, cut bait or similar substances used as a lure.

Possession limit is the maximum number of unprocessed fish a person may hold after two days or more of fishing.

Regulation is a written document adopted and approved by the KDFWR Commission and approved by legislative committees.

Release means return of the fish, in the best possible condition, immediately after removing the hook, to the water from which it was taken in a place where the fish’s immediate escape shall not be prevented.

Resident is anyone who has established permanent and legal residence in Kentucky and residing here at least 30 days.

Size limit is the legal length a fish must be if it is in possession. (Fish length is measured from the tip of the closed lower jaw to the tip of the tail with fish laid flat on rule and tail lobes squeezed together.)

Slot limit means fish within a specified minimum and maximum size range must be released.

Single hook is a hook with only one point.

Tenant is any resident sharecropper or lessee who lives and works on farmland owned by his/her landlord.