Wild pig in pen

Wild Pig Removal

Free Trapping Services Available

KDFWR in partnership with USDA Wildlife Services, offers free professional trapping services to anyone experiencing damage from wild pigs. Trapping wild pigs is the most efficient method of eradication.

Wild Pigs are Not Considered Game Species in Kentucky

They are invasive pests. Hunting is detrimental to eradication efforts. Disturbances associated with human activity, especially hunting pressure, are often sufficient to shift their movement and activity patterns. When hunted, pigs leave the area and become nocturnal. It is illegal to hunt wild pigs at night.

Hunting - Not An Effective Means of Control

Refrain from shooting or hunting wild pigs to allow the department to trap them in an efficient manner.

Where can I hunt wild pigs?

In an effort to stop the spread of wild pigs, KDFWR discourages wild pig hunting and does not share wild pig location information.

Why doesn’t the department promote hunting as a strategy to eliminate wild pig populations?

Although hunting is probably the first thing that comes to mind, it is not an effective means of control. Due to pig’s high reproductive rate, 70% of the population must be removed annually to stabilize the population. This is very difficult to do with hunting alone. In fact, hunting only removes approximately 30% of the population. Therefore, KDFWR asks hunters to refrain from shooting wild pigs.

Why ask hunters to refrain from shooting wild pigs?

Wild pigs are the smartest animal in the woods. Shooting into a sounder may remove 1-2 pigs, but it educates the remaining pigs. Hunting pressure forces pigs to become nocturnal, leave the area, and avoid all human activity. This makes them very difficult to find. By the time they are located on the landscape, they have increased in numbers.

What is the department doing about this problem?

KDFWR in partnership with USDA Wildlife Services offers free trapping services to anyone experiencing wild pig damage. Trapping by professionals is the most effective method for pig eradication.

What is the department’s goal per wild pig populations?

ERADICATION NOT CONSERVATION. KDFWR’s goal is total eradication of all wild pig populations. Unlike many southern states, Kentucky has very few wild pigs left. This gives us the opportunity to fully eradicate wild pigs.

Has the department successfully eradicated any populations of wild pigs?

Yes, several populations of wild pigs have been eradicated in Kentucky, due to trapping efforts of KDFWR and WS.

How many wild pigs are currently in KY?

Due to wild pigs’ secretive nature, there is no way to know the exact numbers of wild pigs in Kentucky. However, populations are at the lowest point in the last 10 years due to KDFWR and WS aggressive trapping campaign.

How can I help?

You can help us in this fight by reporting wild pig sightings, damage, or the illegal possession, sale, or release of wild pigs to our department HERE or call 800-858-1549.