Clean Vessel Act Funding

​Kentucky’s Clean Vessel Act Grant Program​

Clean Vessel Act logo The Clean Vessel Act (CVA) was established in 1992 to help reduce pollution from boat sewage discharges. The grant program provides the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) with federal funds to help public and private marinas construct and/or renovate, operate, and maintain pumpout and portable dump stations. To date, a total of 76 projects have been funded through the program.  The KDFWR has provided $1,481,497.62 in federal funds to construct/maintain boat sewage pumpout stations across the Commonwealth. These funds have been matched with $493,833.88 from marinas.

​Eligible Activities: Construction, renovation, operation, and maintenance of pumpout and dump stations, including floating restrooms.  Activities necessary to hold and transport sewage, such as holding tanks, piping, haulage costs, and bleed-in facilities are also eligible.  ​

Ineligible Activities: Activities not providing public benefits, enforcement activities, construction/renovation of upland restroom facilities, construction, renovation, operation, or maintenance of on-site sewage treatment plants such as package treatment plants and septic systems.

​How to Apply: Applications and proposals are due by August 15 for possible funding in the following year (typically July 1).  The funding process is competitive and selected projects will be funded with 75% Federal monies.  Marinas must provide the remaining 25% match. 

Applicants should complete a project application and project proposal, clearly defining the need for pumpout facilities and plans. The project application along with a sample project proposal are available for download.  Design sketches and project quotes are heavily recommended and can be attached to the project proposal.

Submit applications to or mail to Meagan Huston, 1 Sportsman’s Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601. Once applications have been reviewed marina owners will be contacted for onsite visits.