Fish Stocking

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Fish stocking is a valuable tool for managing and enhancing fishing opportunities in lakes and streams.  Most fish populations are very good at maintaining themselves, but sometimes they need a bit of assistance from managers to reach their potential.  Spawning fish in a hatchery allows us to protect the young fish until they are less vulnerable to predation.  Kentucky has two state hatcheries for warm-water fish and a federal hatchery that raises cool-water species, like trout.

In an average year, Kentucky raises nearly 20 different fish species and stocks over 300 locations across the state.  Our trucks are constantly on the move, distributing fish to lakes and streams in all parts of the Commonwealth.  One of our most active stocking programs is for the Fishing in Neighborhoods program.  The FINs program stocks trout and catfish into small ponds, primarily in urban areas, to provide fishing opportunities to local communities.  We have several ways of letting the public know when and where we stock.  There are some links below that will help you discover where we have stocked fish in the past and where we will stock in the near future.

Our state and federal hatcheries work hard throughout the year to raise and stock fish for the enjoyment of all anglers in the Commonwealth.  The next time you catch a fish, thank a hatchery worker for making your day!

Our hatcheries stock public waters of Commonwealth and do not sell fish to the public.  If you are interested in stocking a private lake or pond, there are many suppliers in Kentucky and surrounding states that can provide a variety of fish for private stocking for a fee​.  You can find the most current fish suppliers list here: 

Fish Suppliers List