Conservation Education

Conservation Education Program in Kentucky Schools

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has nineteen full time Conservation Educators (CE’s) that present wildlife conservation programs in Kentucky schools and recruit for our summer conservation camps. CE’s are professionals in their field, with college degrees in Education, Outdoor Recreation, Biology, or Wildlife Management. They are also trained in the instruction of outdoor skills such as fishing, hunter education, archery, and Project WILD.

All public, private, and home schools are all eligible to receive our in-school programs free of charge. Programs are designed for students in grades 4, 5, and 6. Past program topics include: Endangered Species, Mammals of Kentucky, Wildlife Habitat, Firearm Safety, Predators, Kentucky Fish, Amphibians, Kentucky Birds, Snakes, Wildlife Adaptations and Restoring Kentucky’s Wildlife. Each of our programs is developed in accordance with KERA goals and guidelines and is aligned to Kentucky’s Program of Studies.

Schools that enroll in our Conservation Education program will receive 5 programs during the school year. Programs are given during the months of October, November, January, February and March. December and April are used for make-up programs. Each monthly program is 35 to 45 minutes in length and the class size ranges from 15 to 200, depending upon school enrollment and room capacity. CE’s begin scheduling schools in late August into September, and space is limited.

KDFWR has provided conservation education programs to Kentucky schools since the late 1940's, when they were known as "Junior Clubs". Our goal is to instill Kentucky’s youth with knowledge about wildlife needs and the desire to improve the quality of Kentucky's wildlife habitat.

If you would like to see how your school can receive our programs, please contact us at 1-800-858-1549 and ask for contact information for your county’s conservation educator. General questions about our conservation education program or camps may be directed to Emily Hogue at 502.892.4491, or by emailing

Summer Camps

We have 3 summer camps in Kentucky: Camp Currie,  Camp Wallace and Camp Webb.  Check out our summer camp information to get your child signed up!

Conservation Educator Districts

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Conservation Education in the Schools

Our Mission Statement:

We are the primary educational component of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. We exist to develop and enhance awareness, knowledge, skills and commitment that will enable people to make informed decisions which will result in responsible behavior to sustain wildlife diversity and related recreation.