Access Structure and Private Boat Docks

This page details requirements and procedures for getting permits for existing structures or construction of new structures on and around certain Department-owned lakes. There are currently 11 lakes listed under this regulation that are owned by the Agency in deed or have a fishing access easment on the shoreline.   It illustrates structures and their dimensions that adjacent landowners may legally build on Department-owned lakes and the buffer land around those lakes. These regulations are intended to allow additional lake access to adjacent landowners while limiting the extent of construction so that erosion will not be a problem and the natural beauty of the lakes and lands are not unduly affected.  Please review the guide below if you are considering building or rebuilding a fishing access structure on any state-owned lake.

A Guide for Construction on KDFWR Lakes and Land Buffer Areas

301 KAR 1:016 Use of land and waters on lakes owned or controlled by the department and KRS Chapter 13b, which governs agency hearings and appeals​

Private Boat Dock Application

Shoreline Use Permit Application

Lake Malone Vertical Survey Control Monuments for determination of property boundaries​

Lake Malone Monuments