2018 Bear Seasons: The muzzleloader season for bears opens December 8 in zone 3 only. The modern gun season for bears opens December 15 in zones 1 and 2. Please call 800-858-1549 after 9pm EST each night of the season to determine if the season is open the following day.​ 
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Planktonic Algae:  Millions of floating plants that color pond water green to blue and even brown or red. Many species are involved in algae blooms and these species change over time based on temperature, light, nutrients, and other factors.





Filamentous Algae: Single algae cells that form filaments that intertwine creating a mat that resembles wet wool. Filamentous algae starts growing along the bottom in shallow water or attached to structures in the water (like rocks or other aquatic plants). Often filamentous algae float to the surface forming large mats, which are commonly referred to as Pond scum or moss.


Branched Algae: Branched multicellular algae that are often confused with submerged flowering plants. However, branched algae have no flower, do not extend above the water surface, and often have a grainy or crunchy texture.



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