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Lyngbya is a blue-green algae that forms floating mats that are dark green or nearly black, but the color may become mottled with light green or even white later in summer. It is usually found in ponds with high alkalinity such as limestone quarry pits.  It is very thick and tough when pulled apart and often has musty or foul odor.


Management Options

Mechanical Options

Lyngbya can be raked from the pond or strained out with nets or seines.  Dyes or physical barriers which shade out the pond can be used with moderate success.

Information on Mechanical Treatment of Aquatic Vegetation


Biological Options

Grass Carp will consume Lyngbya, but it is not a preferred food source.  Please see the section on this website about Grass Carp and their use in controlling Aquatic Vegetation for more information.

Information on Biological Treatment of Aquatic Vegetation

Chemical Options

The active ingredients that have been successful in treating Lyngbya include: copper based compounds (E), alkylamine salts of endothall (G), flumioxazin (G), and diquat (G). E = excellent, G = good

Information on Chemical Treatment of Aquatic Vegetation


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