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Contacts for Fisheries Staff

If you have a general question, please call our Information Center at 800-858-1549 or e-mail the Information Center.



All administration personnel are located in Frankfort. This includes the Director and three Assistant Directors.

Personnel are:

Ron Brooks, Director

Jeff Ross, Assistant Director

Mike Hardin, Assistant Director

Dave Dreves, Assistant Director

Paul Wilkes, Assistant Director


Fisheries Districts

The District offices are involved with the management of the fisheries in their district including recommendations such as size limits, creel limits, and fish stocking changes.  Day to day activities involve conducting fish population surveys, construction of fish attractors in public lakes, conducting creel surveys and other duties. They also provide assistance regarding pond management and other fisheries information requests. District staff also serves as a response team to fish kills and pollution incidents.

The district personnel are:

Western Fishery District Adam.Martin@ky.gov

Northwestern Fishery District  Rob.Rold@ky.gov

Southwestern Fishery District  Eric.Cummins@ky.gov

Central Fishery District  Jeff.Crosby@ky.gov

Northeastern Fishery District  Tom.Timmermann@ky.gov

Southeastern Fishery District Marcy.Anderson@ky.gov

Eastern Fishery District Kevin.Frey@ky.gov


Map showing Fisheries District boundaries and office locations


Fish Hatcheries

There are two hatcheries located in Kentucky that are owned and operated by the KDFWR and one hatchery that is owned and operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). The hatcheries produce the fish that are stocked within the state and a few that are provided for other states.

Minor Clark and Peter W. Pfeiffer hatcheries (KDFWR) produce the cool and warm water fishes such as largemouth bass, muskellunge, walleyes, striped bass, hybrid striped bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, blue catfish and channel catfish. 

Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery produces the cold water fishes such as the brown, brook and rainbow trout.

All the hatcheries are involved in additional projects such as mussel production and protection.

The hatchery contacts are:

Minor Clark Fish Hatchery Rod.Middleton@ky.gov

Peter W. Pfeiffer Fish Hatchery Josh.Pennington@ky.gov

Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery James.Gray@FWS.gov


Fish Transportation Section

The members of the Fish Transportation Section at Forks of Elkhorn are the delivery personnel for the hatcheries and other areas. They assist with the sorting, loading and stocking of the fish produced by the hatcheries for the lakes and streams of the Commonwealth. They also oversee bagging and delivery of fish for our Farm Pond Program. The Fish Transportation section is supervised by Mark Roberts.  Mark.Roberts@ky.gov.


Fisheries Research and Aquatic Education

The Fisheries Research Section of the Fisheries Division has six primary sections including five field research subsections and one computer support section. All subsections of the research section are based in Frankfort, except for Critical Species Investigations, which is located in Murray, KY.  The field research subsections are involved with intensively studying management activities such as size limits, creel limits, fish stockings, and other management activities that might have statewide implications. The biostatistics section is responsible for providing technical assistance to all fisheries division staff and is responsible for analyzing creel survey data and updating and maintaining all Division databases. The Aquatic Education section is responsible for scheduling educational fishing events and promoting fishing to both youth and adults.

The Fisheries Research and Aquatic Education personnel are:

Federal Aid Coordinator Paul.Wilkes@ky.gov

Databases and Web Management Don.Bunnell@ky.gov

Big Rivers Research Jason.Herrala@ky.gov

Urban Fisheries Dane.Balsman@ky.gov

Non-Game Fishes Matt.Thomas@ky.gov

Critical Species Investigations Andrew.Stump@ky.gov

Aquatic Habitat Joseph.Zimmerman@ky.gov

Aquatic Education Easton.Copley@ky.gov


Environmental Section

The major duties of this section include fish kills, pollution investigation, disease investigation, environmental reviews and rare and endangered species requests. Environmental reviews include Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, U.S. C.O.E. Section 404 Permits, Department of Transportation Projects, Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permits, hydroelectric permits, and coal mining permits. Over 500 request per year are made to satisfy rare and endangered species information needs.

Personnel are:

Doug Dawson, Chief

Dan Stoelb, Wildlife Biologist