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Help stop Hydrilla, an invasive aquatic plant

​Hydrilla is known to occur at Dewey Lake, Carr Creek Lake, Paintsville Lake, Kentucky Lake, and is now present in Cave Run Lake.  Please be especially vigilant of plant fragments attached to your boat, trailer or personal watercraft.


Please click here to learn more about the recent discovery of hydrilla at Cave Run Lake.

Hydrilla is an exotic plant invading Kentucky through transfer of plant fragments by boats and personal watercraft. All it takes is a small fragment of the plant to start a new colony. This plant forms extremely dense mats that grow to the surface of the waterbody making boating and swimming difficult. It literally fills shallow areas from top to bottom with vegetation. 
Hydrilla also chokes out native plants and displaces fish. It is extremely difficult to eradicate once it becomes established. 
In order to limit the spread of this nuisance plant, please check all trailer parts, boat motor and other equipment for mud or pieces of plant and remove before leaving the lake.
KDFWR is currently leading multi-agency discussions to form a long-term partnership to address the problem of hydrilla in Kentucky’s reservoirs.  Hydrilla isn’t selective and can impact both federal and state water bodies across the state.
Please click here to learn more about protecting our waters from hydrilla.

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