Perch (Sauger and Walleye)

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  • A slender, streamlined perch
  • Has at least 3 rows of rounded black spots in the 1st dorsal fin
  • 3-4 dark brown saddles on the back with 2 large dark brown blotches on the side
  • Adults can grow to 30 in. (8-9 lbs.), but are usually less than 20 in. (2-3 lbs.)
  • A large, streamlined perch with an opaque eye, large mouth, and enlarged canine teeth
  • Color is olive-green to brown with darker blotches on the back and side
  • First dorsal fin has dark streaks or wavy bands and a black blotch covering the membranes of the last few spines
  • Anal fin and lower lobe of the caudal fin are tipped in white
  • Adults can grow to 36 in. (25 lbs.), but usually range from 12-30 in. (2-10 lbs.)