Restricted entanglement fishing gear zones on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

Downloadable Text File with GPS markers for the restricted zones

Restricted Entanglement Fishing Gear Zones in Google Maps

 Restricted Entanglement Fishing Gear GPS Marked Points in Google Maps

In accordance with “301 KAR 1:155: Commercial fishing requirements”, Kentucky restricts use of commercial entanglement gear within 50 yards of a tributary on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. In order to assist fishers with determination of these boundaries KDFWR is providing the GPS coordinates in three forms.  1) A downloadable text file with GPS markers every 25 feet along the restricted boundaries for use with hand-held GPS units and chartplotters. 2) A direct link to Google Maps showing the delineated boundaries for online use. 3)  A direct link to Google Maps showing GPS marker points at 25 foot intervals for online use. This list includes most tributaries on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, but some smaller tributaries may have been omitted. The smaller tributaries are also subject to this regulation.