Statewide Species and Size Limits

​Fish not included in this list are considered rough fish. There are no size or creel limits for rough fish unless special regulations apply. One fishing day equals one calendar day for daily creel and fishing license purposes. Except for trout on Cumberland River, anglers may cull fish of a particular species until reaching the daily creel limit. Any additional fish caught in excess of the daily creel limit must be released immediately. ​​​​​​​Some waterbodies have different size and creel limits. Please check the "Special Regula​tions​​" section of the fishing and boating guide for more details.
SPORT FISH SPECIES Daily Limit Possession Limit Minimum Size Limit
Largemouth Bass6*12*12”
Smallmouth Bass6*12*12”
Kentucky (Spotted) Bass6*12*none
Coosa Bass6*12*none
Rock Bass1530none
Redear Sunfish2040none
Walleye, Sauger and their Hybrids6*12*14” 
Chain Pickerel510none
White & Hybrid Striped Bass15​**30**none**
Striped Bass51015”
Yellow Bassnonenonenone
Crappie (Black & White)20*40*none
Rainbow Trout816none
Brown Trout1216”
​Cutthroat Trout​1​2​20"
Brook TroutCatch and release only***
Lake SturgeonCatch and release only
Aligator Gar​Catch and release only​
TROPHY CATFISH Channel Catfish 28" and above1228​”
Blue & Flathead Catfish 35" and above​1 each2 each35"
Channel Catfish below 28"​nonenonenone
Blue & Flathead Catfish below 35"nonenonenone

* Singly or combined; a total of these species

** No ​more than 5 fish in the daily creel limit may be more than 15 inches long.

*** Except for the Cumberland River downstream of Wolf Creek Dam and the upper section of Hatchery Creek, see the Special Regulations section for details.​​