Lakes With Fish Attractors

​​​​KDFWR regularly creates and maintains fish attractors and habitat structures in lake​s throughout Kentucky. This list is a partial one and represents a small proportion of the total number of fish attractors KDFWR has placed. Fish attractors come in a wide variety of styles depending on the available materials and goals.

The main types of fish attractors are:​

  • Weighted Brush Piles/Reefs: Local brush gathered and weighted with concrete blocks
  • Christmas Trees: Recycled Christmas trees weighted with concrete blocks
  • Stake Beds/Buckets: Arrays of vertical stakes grouped together in shallow water
  • Hinge Cuts: Shoreline trees cut partway through with their tops in the water
  • Log Piles: Larger tree trunks and branches weighted with concrete blocks
  • Pallet Stacks: Stacked arrangements of wooden pallets wired together and weighted
  • Plastic Structures: Various structures constructed of PVC pipe or plastic pallets
  • Rock Piles: Small clusters of 3-5 tons of shot rock or rip-rap
  • Reef Ball: Small concrete domes 3-4 feet tall

The following table of links will give you access to the habitat information.  The "Map" column has links that will take you to a Google Maps page showing the fish attractors for that lake. In the map, clicking on the icon for each attractor will give you information on the location, type, latitude and longitude. It also includes GPS coordinates in 3 different formats.  Many depth-finders and GPS units can be set to show different coordinate formats​. The most common are Degrees-Minutes-Seconds (DMS) (XX° XX' XX"), Degrees-Decimal Minutes (DDM) (XX° XX.XX) and Decimal Degrees (DD) (XX.XXXXX). In most cases, KDFWR reports coordinates in Decimal Degrees. There are a number of sites available on the Web for converting coordinates between these systems. It is easiest to just set your depth-finder to decimal degrees. Instructions to do this can be found in your owner's manual. Here is a l​ink to a quick explanation of the different coordinate systems.

The “GPX File Download” column will allow you to download a “GPS Exchange” file for importing the habitat waypoints into a depth finder or GPS unit.  Each brand and model of depth finder will have different methods for importing these files as waypoints.  There are many resources available on YouTube and the internet for importing GPX files and you may have to consult your owner’s manual for details.  There are also resources for converting GPX files to other formats.  GPS Visualizer is a good resource for conversions.  Older depth finders may have difficulty with large numbers of waypoints and some have limits on the number of waypoints that can be imported.  The owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website should have details on the limitations and requirements.


          Lake                   Map GPX File Download
A. J. Jolly Lake A. J. Jolly Lake Map A. J. Jolly Lak​e GPX File
Barren River Lake Barren River Lake Map Barren River Lake GPX File
Beaver Lake Beaver Lake Map Beaver Lake GPX File
Benjy Kinman Lake Benjy Kinman Lake Map Benjy Kinman Lake GPX File
Boltz Lake Boltz Lake Map Boltz Lake GPX File
Briggs Lake Briggs Lake Map Briggs Lake GPX File
Buckhorn Lake Buckhorn Lake Map Buckhorn Lake GPX File
Bullock Pen Lake Bullock Pen Lake Map Bullock Pen Lake GPX File
Carr Creek Lake Carr Creek Lake Map Carr Creek Lake GPX File
Cave Run Lake Cave Run Lake Map Cave Run Lake GPX File
Cedar Creek Lake Cedar Creek Lake Map Cedar Creek Lake GPX File
Corinth Lake Corinth Lake Map Corinth Lake GPX File
Dewey Lake Dewey Lake Map Dewey Lake GPX File
Elmer Davis Lake Elmer Davis Lake Map Elmer Davis Lake GPX File
Fishtrap Lake Fishtrap Lake Map Fishtrap Lake GPX File
Grayson Lake Grayson Lake Map Grayson Lake GPX File
Green River Lake Green River Lake Map Green River Lake GPX File
Guist Creek Lake Guist Creek Lake Map Guist Creek Lake GPX File
Kentucky Lake Kentucky Lake Map Kentucky Lake GPX File
Kincaid Lake
Kincaid Lake Map Kincaid Lake GPX File
​Kingfisher Lakes
Kingfisher Lakes
Kingfisher Lakes GPX File
​Laurel River Lake
Laurel River Lake Ma​p
​​Laurel River Lake GPX File
Lake Barkley Lake Barkley Map Lake Barkley GPX File
Lake Beshear Lake Beshear Map Lake Beshear GPX File
Lake Carnico Lake Carnico Map Lake Carnico GPX File
Lake Malone Lake Malone Map Lake Malone GPX File
Lake Reba​​​
Lake Reba Map Lake Reba GPX File
​Long Run Park Lake
Long Run Park Lake Map
Long Run Park Lake GPX File
Marion County Lake Marion County Lake Map Marion County Lake GPX File
Mauzy Lake Mauzy Lake Map Mauzy Lake GPX File
McNeely Lake McNeely Lake Map McNeely Lake GPX File
Metcalfe County Lake Metcalfe County Lake Map Metcalfe County Lake GPX File
Mill Creek Lake Mill Creek Lake Map Mill Creek Lake GPX File
Nolin River Lake Nolin River Lake Map Nolin River Lake GPX File
Paintsville Lake Paintsville Lake Map Paintsville Lake GPX File
​Peabody WMA
Peabody WMA Map
Peabody WMA GPX File
Rough River Lake
Rough River Lake Map Rough River Lake GPX File
Shanty Hollow Lake Shanty Hollow Lake Map Shanty Hollow Lake GPX File
Spurlington Lake Spurlington Lake Map Spurlington Lake GPX File
Taylorsville Lake Taylorsville Lake Map Taylorsville Lake GPX File
Jesse W. Thornton LakeJesse W. Thornton Lake Map
Jesse W. Thornton Lake GPX File
West Fork Drakes Reservoir West Fork Drakes Reservoir Map West Fork Drakes Creek Reservoir GPX File
Wilgreen Lake Wilgreen Lake Map Wilgreen Lake GPX File
​Yatesville Lake Yatesville Lake Map Yatesville Lake GPX File