Checklist for Bow Hunting

Brought to you by KDFWR Private Lands Biologist and avid bow hunter Joe Lacefield

  1. Make sure stands are set for suitable winds for hunting a particular location.
  2. Inspect stands/safety harness for weak spots in straps.
  3. Make sure Thermacell (insect repellent device) is operational and extra fuel containers/strips (this is a must for early season bowhunting!)
  4. Sharpen broadheads or replace blades.
  5. Check accessory pack for:  Field dressing gloves, knife, haul rope or string for pulling bow into tree, drag, wind detector, binoculars, scent eliminator spray, backup release aid or finger tab, toilet paper.
  6. Locate soft seat/pad for prolonged stand comfort.
  7. Make sure you have your license, permit and maybe even some bonus antlerless tags.
  8. Wash and dry hunting clothes with UV killer/scent elimination soap.
  9. Check with other hunters that have persmission to the area you're hunting about stand locations to avoid early morning frustrations.
  10. Make sure spouse/family/friend/someone knows where you'll be hunting (I have a set of aerial photos on my basement wall with stand sites that I put a pushpin in for that hunt's location).