Aquatic - Referring to water.

Baiting - Placing food in an area to attract wildlife.

Blind - A structure designed to hide humans in natural areas.

Block and tackle - A simple machine used to lift objects.

Brood - The group of young raised by a female bird.

Camouflage - Clothing or material used to blend into natural surroundings.

Canine - Referring to dogs. Canopy - The top of the trees.

Channelize - To change, usually straighten, the natural waterways.

Chaos in Nature - Ever changing conditions which alter the natural world.

Conservation - In reference to wildlife, the wise use of natural resources.

Corridor - A natural area leading from one habitat component to another.

Covey - In reference to birds, a group.

Cyclic species - Animals that have periods when the flourish, followed by periods when there are few individuals.

Drake - The male duck.

Entrails - Internal organs

Fair chase - Hunting in a sporting manner.

Forbs - The shoots of small woody vegetation.

Fragmentation - In reference to habitat, leaving small areas within development.

Habitat - The arrangement of food, water, shelter and space needed by every animal.

Home range - The normal area in which an animal will live its life.

Mast - Nuts from nut bearing trees.

Migratory species - Animals that move great distances to find habitat needs.

Muscle sheath - The tissue around the muscles.

Native - A term to refer to those plants and animals that naturally occur in an area.

Parasite - An organism that takes its energy from another organism without killing it.

Pelvic - The major bone between the hips.

Population - The number of animals of a given species.

Predator - An organism that kills another organism to gain energy.

Preservation - A process to keep things exactly like they are today.

Prey - An organism that is killed by predators and used for energy.

Rub - A place where male deer or elk polish their antlers on trees or shrubs.

Rut - Refers to the breeding season.

Succession - Natural process of development of plants and animals.

Seep - A place where water trickles from the ground, very small amount.

Sinew - Very tough fi bers found in the meat of animals.

Spur - A sharp piece of material on the leg of male birds.

Stalk - To sneak up on an animal.

Sustainable - A resource that will continue if not developed.

Terrain - The way the land is arranged.

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