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Spring 2017

Kentucky Afield Spring 2017 Magazine
Spring is almost here. It’s about time to take off work and spend a week plucking meaty crappie from the waters of Kentucky. But where to go and what to use? We’ll answer these questions in the spring issue of Kentucky Afield magazine.

For those wanting a little more variety at the end of their line, Kentucky Afield’s spring issue highlights the 2017 Fishing Forecast. We’ll take a region-by-region look at where to find the best fishing close to you.

Spring also means turkey time.  We poll three turkey hunting enthusiasts to reveal what they’re carrying in their vests this year.

Every issue of Kentucky Afield features columns on hunting and fishing, a feature about public areas for hunting or fishing, answers from the experts on your outdoor questions, the latest news from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, plus our popular Nature Notebook section, which features art and interesting facts about an animal or fish that you might encounter in the wild.

Kentucky Afield is published four times a year. Your subscription includes the popular outdoor calendar, which comes out every December.

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