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Bobwhite Quail Shoot-to-Train

​General Information

A shoot-to-train permit allows trainers to release and shoot captive reared bobwhite quail August 15 - May 15.


Issuance Cycle

 Annual renewal required.


Application Process 

  1. Applicant would complete Shoot-to-Train Permit Application
  2. Submit completed application to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Send to Naomi Wilson, #1 Sportsman's Lane, Frankfort, KY  40601 or e-mail to Naomi.Wilson@ky.gov.

Trainers Must:

  • Possess a valid hunting license or quality as exempt;
  • Possess proof of captive-bird purchase or a valid captive wildlife permit for bobwhite;
  • Band captive-birds with aluminum #7 leg bands(25 provided by the Department/year; bands can be reused)
  • No loose leg bands can be at the training site
  • Walk the training area to ensure no wild bobwhite are present before training
  • Release banded bobwhite immediately prior to training
  • Training season is from August 15 through May 15
  • The number of leg bands on the dog training or shooting site shall not exceed the number of captive-reared bobwhite present on the site.
  • A person shall comply with the holding and permit requirements established in 301 KAR 2:081 if:
    • Captive-reared bobwhite quail are possess for more than ten (10) days; or
    • More than 100 captive-reared bobwhite quail are possessed.



  • 301 KAR 2:041. Shooting areas, dog training areas, commercial foxhound training enclosures, and bobwhite shoot-to-train season.



A person shall contact the department to update an application that is no longer accurate.